How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst
  • How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst

How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst


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How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst – Instant Download!

How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst

Attract happiness & prosperity with Melissa’s Law of Attraction course!

What you’ll learn

  • Obtain an accredited Real Manifesting Practitioner Certificate
  • Guide and help others towards their own manifesting goals
  • Create positive results in your life quickly
  • How to manifest happiness and prosperity
  • Understand the science behind why manifesting actually does work
  • Fine-tine your manifesting skills to get real results


  • Be able to open your mind to the fact you deserve to manifest your perfect life
  • Be willing to practice!
  • Have access to the internet
  • Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
  • Be able to download and view PDF files
  • For mobile phone or tablet users: install the free Dropbox app to download and view PDF files
  • Be able to download and listen to MP3 files



“I have been a student of The Law of Attraction for some time now and this is the best training I have received”- Lorri

“Melissa Crowhurst is an excellent teacher. I have learned a great deal from her classes. She presents her material in a way that soothes my soul and gives me hope. Following her principles has changed the quality of my life for the better. I have read innumerable books about The Law of Attraction. Ms. Crowhurst helped me to understand it for the first time. I highly recommend this class.” – Alexandra

“It’s an excellent course, I strongly feel that those who have done this program must gift it to their loved ones. Because the hacks are truly the roadmap to reach those goals in life, which we only dream about. My sincere thanks to Melissa for coming up with such a wonderful course.”- Parul

“Phenomenal course!!!”- Cynthia

“I have taken several of Melissa’s courses. Each one I have left feeling more positive, and good about myself. She has turned around my perspective about life and everything that surrounds it. Very positive and upbeat and easy to understand and follow. I hope to take more courses.” – Erica

“I love this course. Very thorough and well thought out. I love the easy to understand examples that I can use in my situations and goals.” – Elizabeth

“Melissa Crowhurst is a very thorough and friendly fun instructor. I like how practical this course is. Manifesting lessons from many other instructors have you wishing and daydreaming your life away. Melissa encourages action. I like her 5 hacks to help get you results.” – Cheryl

“A fresh and vibrant new way to view and apply the law of attraction. In many ways, it provides the ‘missing link’ to understanding not only ‘how’ but ‘why’ it works.” – Audrey

“Best course ever!” – Mitul

“This course is life-changing!” – Gulfidan

====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

You are worthy of living the life you dream of – so why does it always seem like someone else has it all? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore – and this isn’t theory – this is real manifesting! There are a lot of ‘moving parts’ to doing it efficiently; but thankfully, since I do this myself – I simplified the process into what I call my 5 Hacks so you can follow the process with ease!

Please keep in mind that no experience is required to take this course! I created it specifically so anybody can learn and benefit from using my manifesting techniques! For those who want to help others achieve their goals, my 5 Hacks will help guide you and your clients towards success!

====== WHAT’S INCLUDED ======

The PDF version of Melissa’s Real Manifesting: Hacking the Law of Attraction book

  • Real Manifesting Goal Chart (PDF)
  • Real Manifesting Audio with Affirmations (MP3)
  • Practice sheets and games (PDF)
  • The Real Manifesting Supplement Practitioner book (PDF)
  • Real Manifesting Goal Chart for Clients (PDF)

Once enrolled, you’ll need to download Melissa’s book: Real Manifesting: Hacking the Law of Attraction (PDF). The book has all the details and steps you’ll need, and makes a great reference point during and after the course!

As you progress, you’ll learn the fundamentals including the science behind why manifesting works! From there you’ll learn about each of the 5 Hacks and how to do them. I also explain how they work together, and point out possible pitfalls – and how to avoid them!

Add to that, I’ll provide you with my own Real Manifesting Goal Chart (PDF) to help you make the manifesting process even easier. There are also additional supporting tools and resources, such as a Real Manifesting Goal Chart for Clients (PDF) for those who want to monitor their client’s progress.

Once you’ve completed the entire course, you’ll have all that you need to start manifesting your dreams – and chances are, you would’ve already manifested something during the process!

For existing healers, you’ll be able to quickly apply and use these techniques with your current skills!

Some of the additional benefits of this course include leading a more fulfilling life as well as being happier overall – which will in turn, further assist your manifesting efforts! As you get used to manifesting more and more, it will start to become second nature – to the point where you just manifest on demand!

Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you’ll have lifetime access to it! I hope you enjoy this exciting new journey sweet friend! #biglove

Who this course is for:

  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, however this course does require you to have an open mind and willingness to practice
  • Anybody who wants to get clear steps on how to manifest their dreams into reality
  • Ideal for Life Coaches, Counselors, Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, and so on

Course content

Course Introduction

  • It’s about to get real
  • Handy Tip: Accessing Melissa’s resources
  • Download your course handbook

Chapter 1: Powerful machine

  • What is it?

Chapter 2: Survival instinct

  • The science behind it!

Chapter 3: Dominant Feeling

  • How the PA knows what the CEO really wants

Chapter 4: What the Hack?

  • What is a hack anyway?
  • How do I know they work?

Chapter 5: Hack #1

  • Intro to Melissa’s first Hack
  • Let’s go over a quick example
  • How to do Hack #1

Chapter 6: Hack #2

  • Intro to Melissa’s second Hack
  • But do you really, really mean it?
  • How to do Hack #2

Chapter 7: Hack #3

  • Intro to Melissa’s third Hack
  • Levelling the playing field
  • How to do Hack #3

Chapter 8: Hack#4

  • Intro to Melissa’s forth Hack
  • I think, therefore I am
  • How to do Hack #4

Chapter 9: Hack #5

  • Intro to Melissa’s fifth and final Hack
  • Ready. Set. Go
  • How to do Hack #5

Chapter 10: It’s time to tango

  • Tying it all together
  • The infinite feedback process

Chapter 11: It’s not broken

  • What if it’s not working?
  • Use my 5-minute Stress Relief Meditation to get back on track!

Chapter 12: Go create something

  • The rest of my manifesting story 🙂
  • A few words as you start creating your perfect life

Chapter 13: Hacks for hacks

  • Some more help for your manifesting toolkit!
  • Practice makes perfect

Chapter 14: Helping others

  • Intro to help others manifest
  • Download the Real Manifesting Practitioner Supplement
  • 1. You must walk the walk
  • 2. The welcome mat
  • 3. Explain the basics
  • 4. Listen and narrow down the goal
  • Using the Real Manifesting Progress Chart for clients
  • 5. Hack clarification
  • 6. Get your clients to practice
  • 7. Practice makes perfect
  • 8. Maintain your attitude of gratitude
  • Being prepared when working with the public

Thank you

  • Thank you!
  • Bonus Lecture


Melissa Crowhurst: Reiki Master Teacher, Inspirational Coach, Author, Speaker

In the early 2000s, Melissa embarked on a journey of self-discovery which lead to a very rewarding and beautiful spiritual awakening. She has since mastered the healing arts of massage and Reiki; sharpened her intuitive skills and awareness; as well as created her own ‘spin’ on healing, which she refers to as “loving energy healing”.

Melissa is the Founder and lead instructor of Natural Healer – a board certified, accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA) and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA) – and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2014) and Practitioner, an Accredited Training Provider (IAOT), CPE Provider and Full Member of the Massage Association of Australia (MAA), President of the Natural Healer Society (NHS), Certified Meditation Teacher (MSA), and Massage Therapist (DMA). She is also an inspirational business coach, author, podcaster, blogger, and speaker who loves creating easy, actionable ways for people to heal themselves and others.

How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction Certification By Melissa Crowhurst, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • 01 Course Introduction
  • 02 Chapter 1: Powerful machine
  • 03 Chapter 2: Survival instinct
  • 04 Chapter 3: Dominant Feeling
  • 05 Chapter 4: What the Hack?
  • 06 Chapter 5: Hack #1
  • 07 Chapter 6: Hack #2
  • 08 Chapter 7: Hack #3
  • 09 Chapter 8: Hack#4
  • 10 Chapter 9: Hack #5
  • 11 Chapter 10: It’s time to tango
  • 12 Chapter 11: It’s not broken
  • 13 Chapter 12: Go create something
  • 14 Chapter 13: Hacks for hacks
  • 15 Chapter 14: Helping others
  • 16 Thank you