The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas
  • The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas

The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas

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The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas – Instant Download!


Your Guide to Becoming an NLP Trainer

This is for you:

  • If you are a serious NLP student or training professional
  • If you want a masterful command of teaching, presenting, training, and public speaking
  • If you want a masterful command of NLP

If that’s you, this is a must-have for your tool kit.

The NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Trainer’s Manual

This is the largest and (naturally) most Comprehensive Practitioner Training design out there. This design was the first-ever standardized NLP Practitioner training program.

Newly revised for 2022 this 3rd Edition of the classic NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual gives you the full trainer’s version with all the secret tips and tricks.

Created for NLP Comprehensive Trainers, this new edition includes links to video demonstrations, extra processes, and more supporting material.

Your Comprehensive Material to Train People in NLP

Previously only offered in a licensed version, we’re giving you the first crack at this just-published upgraded and enhanced epub version. The paper version was over 370 pages, but this new EPub edition gives you even more. In this format, you get everything that was in the paper version plus additional processes, hot links to video demonstrations and debriefs, feedback, and coaching examples.

  • You get 24 Solid Days of fully packed training materials in your pocket.
  • You’ll see full video demonstrations of key pieces.
  • You’ll hear how expertise sounds and realize the benefits for yourself.
  • You’ll get over 40 examples of how to structure an effective training
  • You’ll have the backstories, tips, and tricks that fill in to give you the confidently competitive advantage NLP Comprehensive trainers were taught.

As the first standardized NLP Practitioner training, it became the basis for almost all NLP training since. This manual is the trainer’s side of the training: the secrets, the stories, framing, outcomes, hints and asides, anecdotes, and humor that make this training so compelling.

You get the benefit of decades invested in improved design and delivery. From framing and backstory to coaching and giving feedback, this complete guide to training gives you the inside track. You have the assurance of methods tested and proven worldwide for decades by people just like you.

In just a few years this training made NLP Comprehensive the leading NLP training organization in the world. This training design has been honored over and over by imitation, but here you get the real thing, the original work.

  • You get specific instructions for doing 80 demonstrations,
  • You get the “how to’s of guiding students through all those processes and exercises.
  • You get material that is only taught here, like a full 3-day section on strategies, and the ‘forgotten’ NLP model.
  • You also have 3 appendices and additional newly created patterns including the “Wholeness Work” – Connirae Andreas’s latest.

The trainer guide material is chunked into sections to provide for comfortable delivery on a standard training day of 6 hours. Your complementary Student Edition is organized topically. This gives you more options to organize the material to best suit you.

The pair gives you a complete set for leading your programs. There is a world of options here for you. From following the guide step by step to mixing and matching to create your unique pieces of training, it is all available for you here.

The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • The NLP Practitioner’s Trainer Manual By Steve & Connirae Andreas