Ivan Pashov – The Solar Boss Academy
  • Ivan Pashov – The Solar Boss Academy

Ivan Pashov – The Solar Boss Academy

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Ivan Pashov – The Solar Boss Academy

What You Get:

Module 1


Let’s go back to basics and unlock the fundamentals of running a remote solar business. We lay the groundwork for your future success as a Solar Boss.

We tackle all misconceptions about the solar industry and I share my personal experience that I’ve acquired over the last 3 years while having worked with hundreds of solar businesses and individual reps.

Module 2

Getting Set Up For Success

Learn how to set up your new remote solar business for success by finding the right solar installers (EPCs) and negotiating your “Redline” for maximum profitability.

Module 3

Becoming An Expert In Solar

Becoming a true expert in solar doesn’t have to take long. With an astonishing array of information about the industry, you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know in a matter of a few short days that would otherwise take you years to learn.

Module 4

The Art Of Solar Phone Selling

I call this the Million Dollar skill for a reason… Selling-solar-over-the-phone is one of the most important skills you’ll learn in your lifetime. Become truly location independent utilizing the power of the telephone. This allows you to sell in low-hanging fruit states and maintaining incredible profit margins.

Module 5

Solar Marketing 101

Learn all the strategies to generate your own solar leads on demand. We leave NO stone unturned when it comes to building high-converting solar funnels and running ad campaigns that produce quality leads at the cheapest possible cost.

Module 6

Hiring “A” Player Solar Reps

Building a team of “A” players is what every business owner dreams about and in this module you get to learn the exact methods to seek, interview and hire the right people to join your new growing remote solar business.

Module 7

Building A Strong Culture

Learn how to build a strong culture so that the people who join your team not only wouldn’t want to leave but also enjoy the process of working towards achieving your ultimate vision for the business.


Done For Your CRM

Go High Level CRM setup is offered as part of The Solar Boss program! This powerful customized for Solar CRM gives you multiple software tools in one including:

– Sales CRM
– Email campaigns
– Text message campaigns
– Building Funnels and more…

Automated Email & SMS sequences

This bonus includes Fully automated and high converting emails and SMS sequences:

– Nurturing campaigns with outstanding engagement
–  Appointment reminders campaigns and more,,,

Appointment Setting Scripts

Access to Scripts that will make your Appointment Setting Service more efficient.

Sales Calls Scripts

Gain access to Solar Sales Scripts for setting and closing appointments over the phone that convert prospects into CLOSED DEALS!

Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Top sellers know that nailing the pitch is key to closing more deals. And what better way to improve your pitch than by listening to call recordings of successfully closed deals over the phone. Learn the secret tricks to create urgency in a sale and the way to handle all potential objections before they even come up.