Jenia Titov – Snap Academy
  • Jenia Titov – Snap Academy

Jenia Titov – Snap Academy | Instant Download !

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Jenia Titov – Snap Academy | Instant Download !


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I have designed the first ever course on the market to teach you everything you need to know how to run profitable dropshipping ads on the Snapchat platform.

This course is designed to take you step by step even with no experience. In the course you will learn everything from creating profitable creatives to the most effective way to scale your ads to there full potential. You will also have access to step by step videos to better help you understand each and every slide. I understand that most of these type of courses might be difficult to understand that’s why I went very in-depth with each of my explanation processes to help you make money right away.

What You Get:

1 – Intro

2 – What Kind of Product Can I sell on Snapchat?

3 – Checklist Before Lunching First Campaign

Lesson #1: Install Snapchat Pixel

Lesson #2: How to Create Creatives that Get Approved and Convert

Lesson #3: Test 7-10 Interest Test A/B Creatives

Lesson #4: Pixel Purchase bid strategy

Lesson #5: Retarget Pixel LLA Audience

Lesson #6: Scaling

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