John Carter – Axia Futures – The Prop Trading Code
  • John Carter – Axia Futures – The Prop Trading Code

John Carter – Axia Futures – The Prop Trading Code


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John Carter – Axia Futures – The Prop Trading Code

John Carter – Axia Futures – The Prop Trading Code

The Prop Trading Code is a 4-part, 53-day trading masterclass designed to bring structure and control to the decision-making process of traders. Through a practical, process-driven curriculum, the course imparts real trading skills, including strategy development, pattern recall, and effective risk management. By adopting the processes, methodologies, and trading tools used by professional traders, participants can navigate the markets while sidestepping common trading mistakes.

The course is divided into several parts, each focusing on different aspects of trading education. In the initial section, “Trading Fundamentals,” traders delve into topics such as the trader’s timeline, the stoic trader mentality, and the shortcomings of even the greatest investors. This foundational knowledge is crucial for understanding the broader context of the financial markets.

Moving on to “Trading Principles,” the course explores the importance of learning from failures, key trading principles, and the effective utilization of elementary trading tools to gain a competitive edge. Emphasis is also placed on cultivating habits and processes that elite traders employ in their day-to-day activities.

The third part, “Trading Strategies,” takes traders through the development of a strategy playbook and introduces the ACCESS trading methodology. Specific playbook strategies, such as dealing with strong initiative volatility or extreme range days, provide practical insights into market dynamics and decision-making.

“Problem Solving Trading Tools,” the fourth part of the course, introduces various tools essential for addressing challenges in trading. These tools include the trader training calendar, filtering and signaling mechanisms, and risk management tools such as SRM (Systematic Risk Management). Performance metric analysis and a detailed exploration of the trading process flow further equip traders with the tools needed to navigate complex market scenarios.

In addition to the core content, the course offers a bonus section with an 8-week video access methodology drill-based learning series. This supplementary material enhances the overall learning experience, providing participants with practical insights and reinforcing key concepts.

In conclusion, The Prop Trading Code masterclass is a comprehensive and structured program that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical application. By covering trading fundamentals, principles, and strategies, along with problem-solving tools and bonus materials, the course aims to equip traders with the skills and mindset needed for success in the competitive world of proprietary trading.

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