Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal
  • Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

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Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal – Instant download!

Let your loved relationships fall in place and let the universe strengthen your bonds for eternity.
Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Enroll today in the best course in Marriage & Children Astrology and kick-start learning with masterfully-crafted guidance from world renowned astrologer, Mr. Alok Khandelwal.

Know more about Marriage & Children Astrology
Channelize your efforts to better understand loved onesKnow how Marriage & Children Astrology can helps you analyze an important role in understanding and explaining your married life. There are various astrological factors that govern one’s life by looking at one’s birth chart..Children too, can be hard to understand or for them to express themselves. Astrology can help you understand them which can enable you to know about your children and help you on how to deal with them as each child is unique from the other and exhibit the characteristics of their star signs
Interpret and Learn Marriage & Children Astrology

Fix your marriage issues and children’s future.
This course is designed to learn online astrology for your Marriage & Children for a complete understanding marriage decisions based on the ancient science of Astrology. You learn to accurately read Kundli or horoscope that can show one what their ideal spouse would be like. Having a superior marriage compatibility ensures the right person success in personal life

Along with this, a child’s horoscope assumes great significance as the child grows in life. Learn online astrology for your Marriage & Children at it lays down detailed concepts of children’s astrology which can help determine education stream, career options, marriage partner, and many other aspects of life.

Meet the best Astrology expert in India

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal
An internationally celebrated name in Astrology for over a decade, Mr. Alok Khandelwal wears multiple hats and is able to cater to a wide spectrum of services other than astrology. He is also an entrepreneur with over 19 years of valuable experience across the departments of Marketing, Advertising, Event Management & Technology.

Specialties: Mr. Khandelwal is a human psychology expert possessing exceptional interpersonal skills to help you with professional, personal, emotional & mental challenges in life with practical solutions. He is also an active member of the ‘Art of Living’ foundation and the Co-founder of Recharge Trendd Setter, which is a leading advertising agency in India.

Educational Background: He is an MBA (Marketing), MA (Psychology), MA in Economics, and a guest speaker in top institutes of the country. Mr. Khandelwal established Asttrolok, an institute of Vedic astrology envisioned as an ideology to channel the inner knowledge for a better present and future.

Modules of children and marriage Astrology
MODULE 1 – Marriage & Relationship

  • Marriage date calculation
  • Delay in marriages
  • Love marriages
  • Divorce
MODULE 2 – Match Making

  • Horoscope matching for marriage
  • Successful astrological combinations
  • Remedies for marriage issues
MODULE 3 – Upapada Lagna

  • What is Upapada Lagna
  • Significant houses for marriage
  • Planets related to relationships
MODULE 4 – Children Astrology

  • Suitable Education streams
  • Career options
  • Marriage partner
  • Health conditions
  • Other aspects of life.
MODULE 5 – D7 Chart or Saptamansha
How Asttrolok is different than other institutes for learning Vedic knowledge

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok KhandelwalMarriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Asttrolok, is a joint venture that was envisioned and established by two gentlemen, who had one common ideology; to serve knowledge that liberates. It began with shunning the most common portrayal of practitioners in this field. Asttrolok was never supposed to be known for traditional avatars, mystic sham & lucky stones, but only for promoting the heritage and teaching of this subject that has been a part of our ancient Indian history ever since.

In 2016, Mr. Alok Khandelwal along with his childhood friend and business partner Mr. Kshitij Shivprasad established Asttrolok with a direction to lead this institute on the concept of super science & not superstition.

With the guidance from his father & Guru, who too was a businessman & an astrologer, Mr. Khandelwal went on to shape his vision of shunning the myths about Vedic science & establishing a fact-based Astrology learning medium on a global platform.

The offering of such unique Vedic science subjects has made it possible for Asttrolok to serve society with brilliant students who have now chosen this path as a career becoming great practitioners themselves.

Get on board with the course for an escalating journey to perfection.
Strong Relationship Prediction With Parents, Children, And Others.
Learn how to achieve a true understanding of your closest relationships and how Marriage & Children Astrology helps you with the same. Delve deep into using this divine knowledge, gain a greater connection to what holds back in various situations related to relationships with our spouse, children, parents, and loved ones.
Complete Future Foresight
Astrology is an ancient, complex and ever-evolving art and in order to fully harness the benefits that your horoscope provides then you need access to more than just a cookie-cutter astrological chart service, so as not to miss any important details related specifically when it comes down to what it means for your individual life!
Remedies And Solutions On Different Life Fronts
Have an accurate understanding of birth chart that helps to get intimately familiar with one’s inner struggles and obstacles of the native and to suggest astrological remedies to overcome them and lead a better life.
An Extremely Successful Path For Financial Stability
With an immense learning with our mentors, channelize your knowledge to consult and guide people to lead a better life or join our panel of experts at institute and contribute to the community of learners from around the world. Secure your financial interests with new-found career opportunities with this divine knowledge.
Shaping A New Way Career Upscaling Opportunities
You can move ahead without giving up on one area of life for another at Asttrolok because you get a chance to rework on every facet of life and an array of new opportunities for you. You’ll be able to connect and grow with a vast community of learners committed to elevating themselves from all around the globe.
Have a look at what our students say about Asttrolok
Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Revathi Shridhar
I have been learning Astrology from Alok Sir for the past five months. It has been a very inspiring journey as Alok Sir has a very broad and wide knowledge of Vedic Science. It is a very heartening fact that while learning Astrology, we are also developing ourselves to be humble

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Swagat Chakraborty
My search for my Guru ended when I met Alok Khandelwal ji at Asttrolok. The amount of knowledge and its simplistic delivery by him to teach us has been excellent. The Astromani course has answered all my questions with logic and I would highly recommend Astrolok and Alok Khandelwal sir.

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Dipak Samtani

It’s really great experience to learn from Alok sir. His explanation method is so simple that anyone can understand it easily. It’s said “guru bin gyan adhura” I had a little bit of knowledge of astrology but learning under Alok sir made my concepts more clear. Also, it was my first wonderful experience learning online.

Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

Anurag Kedia
Alok ji’s knowledge is unparallel, but even more valuable is his ability to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Clearly one of the best teachers for Astrology!

Upscale your learning with the additional resources throughout the course.
Marriage & Children Astrology By Alok Khandelwal

What You Get:

  • Video Lectures – A bundle of recorded videos to explain each & every detail of the course that you can go through any time.
  • Study Material PDFs– Easy & quick access to the downloadable study material in the form of PPTs or PDFs for the topics that will get covered in class that help grasp the core concepts better.
  • Quiz/Assignments– Have a regular check on your skills with quiz & assignments to understand your learning speed and help assess your performance better
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