Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter
  • Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter

Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter


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Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter – Instant Download!

Here’s the truth about manifestation:

So many people want to talk about the receiving part of manifestation. But in order to receive, we have to address the blocks that keep us from what we want.

And when it comes to money… there can be a LOT of blocks!

And that’s because we connect so much to money. It’s an unseen representation of so many things for us.

Think about it: when you say you want to manifest more money, is it actually the money you want? Or is it what you think the money will give you? (Like a certain lifestyle, status, etc.)

Money can very clearly represent our deeper wounds — because we connect it to so much — it does an amazing job of amplifying where we’re out of alignment.

How we feel about money matters. Our relationship with it reflects our relationship with ourselves and the world.

When you know what you THINK money will give you, you allow yourself to see what shadows are being expressed — and then learn how to move through them, so you can truly manifest what you want.


When you align with money, you align with yourself. And true alignment takes addressing the blocks that tug you out of alignment in the first place!

Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter

The foundations of how we manifest money through human design.

✓ How we block abundance, get in our own way, and hold ourselves back through our design.

✓ How to truly embody alignment through human design and the 8 keys of abundance, so you can tap into your unfair advantage to more!

✓ How to use these exercises in the workshop with your own clients when money blocks come up!

→Uncover and release your money blocks in your Human Design so you can embody true alignment and abundance.

Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter

  • You no longer need to know exactly how it’s all going to happen. Money flows effortlessly without you needing to be consciously aware of how it’s working.
  • You allow abundance, and it’s a natural part of the subconscious programming.
  • You’re aware of the resistance and know how to release it when it surfaces.

… and ultimately, being in alignment with money is being in alignment with yourself.

When we can understand our shadows and where we’re not embodying alignment, we can come back to that place and truly step into abundance.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do inside the masterclass!

Hi! I’m Eden Carpenter!

Money Blocks Masterclass By Eden Carpenter

A leading expert in Human Design for Business, Manifestation, and Abundance.

And I’m here to help you ditch the launch overwhelm and step into your most aligned launch yet.

There are a lot of coaches who teach the energetics of launching, but they are teaching you THEIR energetics for launching.

Your energy is unique — which means your launching process is too. You don’t need someone to share THEIR strategy. You need someone to help you tap into yours.

In this training, I’m teaching you all my energetic tricks for launching successfully. Without a plan. Without a strategy. And fully based on energetic alignment.

It’s time to launch YOUR way.

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