OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course
  • OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course

OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course

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OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course

OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course Download


  1. Selection of niche
  2. Configuring Landing Page and Content Locker
  3. Creation of your Proof Video
  4. Rank Proof Video on YouTube


  • 9 lessons
  • 54 topics
  • 31 videos
  • 16 full tutorials


Q: What you can learn here?

A: Create proof video for CPA, how to choose niche, how to rank video on Youtube and make money with Ogads.

Q: How long you will wait for money?

A: Earnings are almost instant after you publish your videos. How much? Depends to your niches and video quality. Also depends to your scale

Q: Why am I creating this course instead of earning money myself?

A: The answer is simple, I want to earn much more than $ 30- $ 80 daily and for this, I need funds to re-invest. You need to invest in advertising, better accounts, maybe Adwords to get much more

Q: How much can you earn?

A: I don’t know! I make $ 30- $ 80 myself with no major investments, I usually invest $ 3- $ 5 in one video and I make 5-15 videos per month. They pay off a lot and I earn my bills, flat, and expenses. It also allowed me to save myself during the epidemic and secure some funds for re-investment. It’s good money in a lot of countries.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Usually I make a few videos a week, 5-15 a month, it takes about 1 hour to make a new video.

Q: Can you earn millions?

A: I don’t think so! Let’s be honest, this is the method that will allow you to earn your first money. Perhaps some more money, for bills, life, flat future investments, but you will not earn millions. You can go up to $ 1000 a day, I know people like that, but it’s not a stable level. Real earnings from Youtube + Ogads are $ 30- $ 300 / day. If you want more you have to invest in both Youtube me and other methods, possibly other social networks. That’s why I’m selling my knowledge because I want to earn more

Q: Aren’t you afraid that by selling these methods you will achieve saturation and your earnings will drop?

A: Absolutely not! People have been working with Ogads and Youtube for many, many years. Youtube is huge and there is a place for everyone. The network can get many CPA people and we won’t notice any difference in earnings. Second, I have already sold the Android course and in my experience, 1% of the people to whom I sold started working. The rest didn’t even care. I have been selling various e-books and the situation is similar. When people see work is required they quit before they start! That’s why I’m absolutely not worried about saturation!

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