Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley
  • Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

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Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley – Instant Download!

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy

Join the fast track lane to mass growth on TikTok for business or personal brand. Learn the principles behind all the top creators and brands on TikTok.

Learn how to pump millions of eyeballs towards your offers with a $0 marketing budget…
I’ll be sharing all of the secrets and principles I’ve found that can make numbers like this a reality.

Here’s a screenshot taken from my brand’s TikTok analytics over the last 20 months:

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

And no, these are not photoshop. My account really averages 550k+ views PER post.

What would 200 million completely free views do for your personal brand or business? For my brand it did just over 7 figures in revenue completely organically and that was through all of my mistakes along the way as well…

So What Should I Expect in this Damn Course?
In short, TikTok Creator Academy will touch on all the principles and strategy behind going viral on TikTok.

But to be more specific, some of the major topics include:

  • What we know about the algorithm
  • Secret techniques to sparking engagement
  • How to turn views into real $$$
  • Disproving common misconceptions
  • The best repurposing practices
  • 31 TikTok Written Hook Examples
  • How to find the best trends and sounds
  • Building yourself a content strategy
  • Why certain accounts work and other’s don’t

And of course much more as well.. Notably including a 15 minute consulting call from me (to make sure I can help you get on the right path) and my personal list of great accounts in different niches.

Some things not to expect are: Information on paid ads on TikTok, influencers, and specific business advice outside of TikTok marketing.

And Who Is This Course Best For?
This course is 100% best for anyone who knows that TikTok would be beneficial for their business/personal brand and want to fast track their learning curve.

With all of the content in one place, and so much peer research done to make sure I am answering all of your possible questions… I know this course will bring you back crazy value.

All it takes is really digesting the principles I teach, then putting them into action and I am confident you will start to get the eye for what it really takes to be successful on TikTok.

And then hopefully… Get your notifications looking like this:

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

I’m telling you… It’s the best feeling ever.

Also just to show you that I know what I am talking about, here are some of my messages from lately:

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley

Organic TikTok Academy By Jimmy Farley, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • #3563 – ‘TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3564 – ‘Community Guidelines_Bans I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3565 – ‘Proper lighting I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3566 – ‘My Personal Account Swipe File I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3567 – ’31 Different TikTok Text Hooks 31 TikTok TEXT Hook Examples_ I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3568 – ‘Join My Discord! I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • #3569 – ‘Thank you! I TikTok Creator Academy’ –
  • 1-The power of TikTok – TikTok Creator Academy.mp4
  • 2-THE ALGORITHM – TikTok Creator Academy.mp4
  • 3-Hashtags – TikTok Creator Academy.mp4
  • 4-How often should I be posting- – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 5-Shadow Bans – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 6-Using Controversy Pt. 1 – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 7-Using Controversy Pt. 2 – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 8-Personal vs. Business Account (updated) – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 9-Proper Backend – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • 10-What time do I post- – TikTok Creator Academy.ts
  • And more…