Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan
  • Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

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Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan – Instant Download!

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Marketing agencies are losing all their clients to THIS new model…

Weird ‘Pay-Per Show’ Model Gets Ads Agency 177 NEW Clients in a Saturated Niche
…and why businesses are FLOCKING a new, better offer

Scale Your Agency to
7-Figures in 2021 by Switching to a BRAND NEW Pay-Per Show Model…

  • Substantially grow your take home profit each month by making WAY more money per client (so you can fire your headache clients…for good this time)
  • ​Gets your calendar filled FAST with qualified prospects begging to do business with you (because they’ll be flocking to the ‘best offer on the block’)
  • ​Avoid the embarrassment of ‘going out of business’…(The market has shifted — and your clients will be looking for any excuse to cancel…unless you make a change

Since 2020, the markets are shifting faster than marketing agencies are able to innovate. When that happens you may see your ads getting more and more expensive (because your offer looks less & less appealing every day)

Retention rates steadily drop (as your valued clients set their sights on something shiny & new)

If that’s not scary enough….Billionaires like Ray Dalio and Carl Icahn are warning that a PAINFUL market correction is on the horizon I’m no billionaire hedge fund financier….

But I do know that in a down economy, SMART business owners will ALWAYS invest in…What gets them closest to their next sale, with the least amount of risk, in the most efficient way possible…This model allows you to offer exactly that.

When you decide to take action today, we’ll reward you with 9 special bonuses

25+ Winning Ads That Effortlessly Book 100 Calls Per Month…
‘Profit Cheat Codes’ that Drive Qualified Prospects Straight to Your Calendar on Autopilot

7 Cold Outreach Scripts Your Future Clients Won’t Be Able to Resist
Don’t wanna waste money on ads, but still need boatloads of clients?

LIVE MASTERCLASS: Becoming a 7-Figure Human Being
It’s no secret that Millionaires place a high value on having the ‘right mindset’ — Tune in for a WILD ride

ADS MASTERCLASS: Discover The Champion Ads Formula
Create your client-getting empire. Get expert insights on media buying, Easy-Yes Offer creation, and copywriting

Stop Getting Banned!
Had multiple accounts, business managers, or access restricted in the last 12 months?…this is for you

How to Go 0 to 20K/Mo In 60 Days With Stupid Simple IG DMs
Want a BETTER way to get clients that doesn’t mean dumping thousands on ads? Try this IG strategy out today!

How to Quickly Weed out Bad-Fits and Start
Closing Major Deals
Wasting too much time on broke or unqualified prospects? Then you NEED a better discovery call process!

The Zero to 50k
E-Commerce Ads Agency Blueprint
If you’re thinking about working with e-commerce stores, or are already in the niche….this training is a MUST-SEE.

7-Figure Case Studies:
Hybrid Model + Good, Bad, and Ugly of Scaling

The good, bad, and ugly of scaling a multiple 7-figure agency. Compelling interviews reveals maybe too much 😉

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

We were up to 230 clients. Then the pandemic hit…

I lost two-thirds of my clients in a matter of days.

…and I was just two weeks away from having to fire my entire team.

Imagine working with the same 18 people for 2 years and knowing you’ll have to look them in the eye and tell them you can’t afford to pay them anymore.

THEN…the government goes and shuts down small businesses so they’re not even allowed to stay open.

As you can imagine, my clients were freaking out.

We had to make a decision and we had to act FAST...otherwise, I was going to lose all my clients and have to fire all my employees.

The only way I would keep my clients was if I removed 100% of their risk. According to them, my retainer was too ‘risky.’

As we neared collapse, we made a drastic decision that had the potential to jeopardize EVERYTHING. We chose to become an ‘Anti-Agency.’

I”ll explain what that is in a second.

But almost exactly a year later, we’ve closed 177 clients on THIS brand new model.

Right now agencies adopting the ‘Anti-Agency’ model get first movers’ advantage in the marketplace.

There are 30M small businesses in America waiting to be rescued from the retainer model…

And with the upside of having an ‘Easy-Yes Offer’…it’s a breeze to close boatloads of clients.

What’s even better is…if you’re good at getting your clients results, you’ll have no problem scaling to high 6 or even 7 figures.

Even if you want to be lazy and just land a couple clients, you can still make a lot of money.

We’ve found that the ‘Anti-Agency’ is a no-brainer offer for our clients because there’s zero risk for them, allowing them to work with us long term.

The better the results we get for our clients, the more we get paid.

Here’s proof…

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

One of our top clients had 272 leads marked as showed. The way this model works is you can charge whatever you want per actual show.

So let’s just say you work with dentists and it’s worth $150 to them to speak to someone interested in dental implants. If you got them 272 shows…how much money would you make? You do the math.

Even in one of the worst years in history with sh$t completely hitting the fan, losing tons of clients, and a literal government shutdown…we survived and never dipped into the red.

If I knew what I know now…I would’ve saved close to 100K in testing and probably retained 50% more clients than I did.

But in doing so, I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

My team has distilled all of the knowledge we’ve gained from this past year inside the S.P.G. Blueprint…

The blueprint which you’re about to get your hands on that will prevent you from making the same mistakes I did…

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Put yourself in your prospects shoes…
You’re trying to grow your business and you know you need GOOD leads.

You’re approached by two different agencies:

The first agency pitches you on sourcing leads for this expensive monthly retainer…but there’s no guarantee any of the leads will even convert into a booked call.

The second agency comes to you and offers to source leads where you only pay for the ones that show up.

  • No expensive retainer.
  • No need for a guarantee

AND…you can take as many, or as few, leads as you need per month.
Sounds like an easy choice…right?

More agencies are transitioning to this model everyday and wiping the floor against retainer agencies that refuse to adapt.

Even experienced agency owners are getting crushed by newbie business owners because their offer simply can’t compete.

Monthly retainers are an ENORMOUS risk for small businesses. In the past, they paid these retainers because it was their only choice…

But now small businesses can work with ‘Anti-Agencies’ who absorb all the risk for them.

If you could prove to clients that you could get them results (with no crazy stipulations or fine print)…

Then closing new clients becomes 100x easier because you’re giving prospects exactly what they need: good leads who show up to booked calls.

This isn’t just working for me either…

So what is an Anti-Agency?
The easiest way for me to show you is through this chart:

Retainer Agency

  • Expensive monthly retainers (that prospects refuse to risk in 2021)
  • ​Inflexible fee structures that aren’t sustainable for small business owners (and kill long term retention for agency owners)
  • ​Limited revenue per client (that makes you a glorified employee)
  • ​An impossible sales process
  • ​Low profit margins
  • ​Needs dozens of clients to make REAL MONEY


  • Paid strictly off of performance​
  • Flexible fee structures where clients can adjust lead flow according to their current budget
  • ​Uncapped monthly income per client
  • ​The world’s easiest sales process
  • ​Higher profit margins for clients that invest more into their ads
  • ​Only needs a few high paying clients to create a highly profitable business
  • ​Leverages the Pay Per Show Model

Competing for the exact same clients as retainer agencies, the ‘Anti-Agency’ offers an updated solution to the outdated retainer model.

At the rate these ‘Anti-Agencies’ are stealing clients, most retainer agencies will DIE before the year ends…

Here are 6 reasons why you should transition to Pay Per Show:
#1 – You can get leads/booked calls from ads for dirt cheap, and fill your calendar at a fraction of the cost your competitors do

#2- Organic outreach becomes more effective, lowering your cost per acquisition

#3- You have the satisfaction (and financial benefits) of having THE BEST offer on the market

#4 – Your income-per-client becomes UNCAPPED as you’re now a true partner who shares in the profits

#5 – You’re more appealing to “Whale Clients” who can easily account for 80% of your profit (if set up correctly)

#6 – If the economy collapses, you’ll be much more likely to succeed (even through all the chaos and uncertainty)

…you need a business model built for the future.

Unfortunately most agencies are not.

To paint this picture for you, I want to tell you the lovely story of a company called Blockbuster.

Similar to many agencies right now, Blockbuster failed to adapt to market changes. Because of this, they were eaten alive by new up and comers. Take a look at this chart that shows their plummeting annual revenue:

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Shortly after passing up on the acquisition of Netflix for a steal ($50M), Blockbuster went from its peak of 5.9B in annual revenue to losing 75% of its market value in just 2 YEARS…eventually filing chapter 11.

That was almost 16 years ago and the world moves MUCH faster today.

Agencies that survive have to adapt to rapid changes taking place in the world. As you can see in the chart below, Netflix took advantage of the mass transition online and is now worth 30.5B with 74M US subscribers…while Blockbuster has just 1 store (that doubles as an Airbnb).

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Looking at the comparison of these two companies, it’s clear that Netflix completely dominated Blockbuster. The reason why is simple: Netflix found a solution for the income-limiting-factors that held back Blockbuster.

A Blockbuster franchise was limited to the customers available in its given town. In order to gain more customers, it needed to open more stores (which created more overhead costs and hurt their profit margins).

By pioneering the transition to online movie streaming, Netflix gained access to billions of potential users…allowing them to scale to the moon.

‘Anti-Agencies’ are already taking advantage of changes caused by the pandemic to dominate retainer agencies.
Retainer agencies cap their income per client with a retainer. For example, if a retainer agency has a 2K retainer, then they can’t make more than 2K per month from that client. In order to make more money, they need to close more clients…which increases costs and hurts their margins (just like Blockbuster).

‘Anti-Agencies’ do NOT have a cap on their income per client since they are paid on performance. If an ‘Anti-Agency’ wants to make more money, they simply increase their income per client by upselling more adspend. There’s no increase in costs, their profit simply goes up. Just like Netflix, the ‘Anti-Agency’ has infinite scale.

Aside from its scalability, the ‘Anti-Agency’ is much better positioned for the future.

Today’s small business owners are no longer willing to risk their limited funds without a guarantee of success.

Small businesses don’t want an agency that operates like an hourly wage employee (who gets paid the same regardless of their performance)…

What they actually want is an agency to fix their problems and MAKE MONEY for their business.

Small business owners are more than willing to compensate you accordingly when you consistently generate a positive ROI for them.

And trust me, you DON’T want to make your clients a sh*t ton of money without seeing your share of the increased profits…(which you can’t do on a flat retainer).
The ‘Anti-Agency’ is the only business model that will withstand already-underway market shifts…
Imagine being able to tell your ideal prospects they can work with you at 0% risk, and actually be able to back up your claim. With the ‘Anti-Agency’ model…YOU CAN! Because the S.P.G. Blueprint has created the easiest sale in the history of sales.

Landing 2 or 3 WHALE clients and getting them strong results will put more profit in your bank account than dozens of retainer clients…(allowing you to scale with less stress and more freedom).

Here’s an example from one of our top clients. As you can see below, with 128 leads, this client was able to bring in $21,909 worth of contracts in one month alone. Best of all…
We get a much larger percentage of that than if I was running a retainer model.

But the funniest part is…
The client is more than happy to pay me large sums of money (unlike when we were using a retainer model, where clients would practically fight me on the next payment and always threaten to cancel).

This next chart is important because of one key metric: customer lifetime value (the total amount of money that a customer spends on your agency over time).

For context, the average retention rate of beginner retainer agencies is 1-3 months, with a customer lifetime value of $3,000-$6,000.

We’ve worked with this client since July 2018 (almost 3 years) and generated over $147,133 for them (which we took a large percentage of).

‘Anti-Agencies’ are able to retain clients for much longer periods of time, which substantially increases average customer lifetime value (and makes WAY more money)

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

If we stuck to a retainer model, we would have lost this client during the pandemic (which would have created a lose-lose situation for both my agency and my client)…

Instead, Atlas retained them with the ‘Anti-Agency’ model, enabling us to make a ton of money for our client and for ourselves.

You’ll even be able to get better results for your clients through the use of new technology and superior systems (this is the real secret to the success of the ‘Anti-Agency’)

This 3-Pronged system maximizes show-up rates and ensures that prospects actually show up.

#1 – DialogFlow
DialogFlow is Google’s new brainchild that enables you to have lifelike conversational AI with state-of-the-art virtual agents, right at your fingertips.

You don’t need to be a developer or have coding skills because that part has been mapped out A-Z so that anyone can follow the steps.

DialogFlow uses Artificial Intelligence to follow up with your clients’ leads 24/7….drastically increasing the percentage of leads that engage.
#2 – Call Center
With a custom-built call center, you can use very specific job-ads to attract dozens of callers, all they have to do is read from the scripts we give them.

The reason it’s crucial is that there’s still no substitute for that initial human contact…PLUS it’s how we’re able to confirm that the leads actually showed up to the clients’ appointment.
#3 – Virtual Assistants
Virtual assistants fill in the rest of the gaps and loose ends.

Using this basic 3 Pronged System, you can dramatically increase your show up rates, putting more money in your clients pockets (and your own).
Who am I?
In addition to running my agency, I’ve coached hundreds of agency owners and have to stay up to date with every change occurring in the agency space.

The shift away from the retainer model and into a performance model was already beginning in 2019, but the pandemic drastically accelerated it by crippling small businesses nationwide.

By shutting down everything, the pandemic forced small businesses to build their online presence…causing agency owners to scramble and find a way to work around their challenging financial situation.

You can’t blame small business owners for refusing to risk thousands on expensive retainers.

The pandemic caused their risk tolerance to drop off a cliff by crippling their ability to bring in consistent revenue.

But this doesn’t change the fact that the ‘Anti-Agency’ model is here to stay.

Once small business owners get a taste of this new model, persuading them to return to a retainer model will be next to impossible.

Can you still close monthly retainers in 2021? Yes, of course. Retainers work better in some niches than others. But looking at the overall agency space, the trend is clear. Retainers are dying.

If you keep trying to push an outdated model, your agency isn’t going to die tomorrow. You can probably make it work for a few more months…maybe even until the end of the year.

But you’d be wasting valuable time that could be spent getting ahead.

You don’t want to look back next year, after ‘Anti-Agencies’ have stolen all your clients, wishing that you had taken action to adapt.
Business owners are sick of having to take on all the risk…
…which is making it impossible to GET and KEEP clients. Small businesses are putting massive emphasis on squeezing every last drop out of their advertising dollars (AKA cost efficiency).

Not only are small business owners sick of paying your retainer, but retainers are capping your income per client.

Have you ever had a client make 6 figures in one month off your services…but you’re still only getting your $2,000 retainer?

Pretty frustrating, right?

With the ‘Anti-Agency’ model, getting and keeping clients is easy because you make money by making your clients money.

Your compensation is directly tied to client results…so if you make tons of money for your clients…you ALSO make tons of money for yourself.

If you ignore the clear direction the agency space is headed, then there’s a good chance that the market will ‘sophisticate’ faster than you’re able to innovate.

You’re probably already seeing other agencies switch to a performance model.

As this trend continues, your ad costs will slowly rise day by day because your offer looks less appealing to your market.

Your retention rates will steadily drop as your clients discover performance agencies who will remove their risk…

AND when your clients see your expensive retainer come out of their account each month, it will serve as a reminder for them to cancel.

On top of all this, billionaires like Ray Dalio (Chairman of Bridgewater Associates: the world’s largest hedge fund) are predicting a painful market correction coming soon.

During a market correction, small businesses will ALWAYS invest in…

  • What gets them closest to their next sale
  • With the least amount of risk
  • In the most efficient way imaginable

Until the retainer agency bubble bursts, you can capitalize by transitioning to an ‘Anti-Agency’ and using the S.P.G. Blueprint to stockpile as many clients as possible.
After 10+ years as a business owner, I’ve witnessed plenty of agencies rise and fall.
Agencies that are still alive today adapted to fit the needs of the market. Agencies that couldn’t adapt…died.

The S.P.G. Blueprint is the future of the agency space.

You don’t have to find a way to make the ‘Anti-Agency’ work. You don’t have to lose dozens of clients fine-tuning this process like I did. Or waste thousands in adspend learning to pitch this offer.

Simply follow step-by-step what I did. I already took the risks, ran the tests, and went through the painful failures.

With this blueprint, you can use my exact process to transition away from the outdated retainer model and into an ‘Anti-Agency’ (without the stress of figuring everything out on your own).
WARNING: The performance model is for agencies who actually deliver results for clients. If that’s not you then I’m sorry but this model will not work…
With performance you can get ALL the upside of having an ‘Easy-Yes Offer’ making it a breeze to close boatloads of clients.

That being said, you MUST be able to perform, (i.e. actually produce results for your clients).

Using our proprietary S.P.G. Blueprint – you can build an ‘Anti-Agency’ built for 2021. Here’s how it works:
S.P.G. = Shared Growth Partnership
The S.P.G. Blueprint leverages Pay-Per-Show, meaning you are compensated for calls with prospects who show up to the scheduled appointment (rather than through a monthly retainer).

You handle every step of the process up until the call takes place.

When speaking to potential prospects and transitioning over current clients, you want to emphasize these 3 points:

  • You’re no longer JUST a third party service.
  • You’re a non-equity partner. You share their same interest of growing the business BECAUSE when they make more money, you also make more money.
  • ​You are taking on 100% of the risk…so there’s 0 risk to them

This is what small businesses owners want – this is the future.

Once you successfully make the transition to an ‘Anti-Agency,’ you need to make sure that you’re actually making as much, or more, money than you were with a retainer model.

You also need to ensure you’re positioned to keep clients for the long term and that your math works out.

By understanding these 3 factors to success with Pay Per Show, you can succeed from day 1 with this groundbreaking new model:

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan

Profit Levers
“Actual Money”…not vanity metrics
The retainer agency has a simple ‘revenue’ lever: bringing in new clients. Although this adds to top line revenue, it doesn’t necessarily grow your bottom line.

Between the cost to acquire a new customer, poor retention rates, and the additional staff needed to manage new clients, the increase in profit is minimal at best.

The ‘Anti-Agency’ has one key lever that can be pulled that directly results in an increase in the profit you take home: increasing adspend.

This can work on both new clients and existing business. It also doesn’t require additional employees or extra work (outside of changing a few numbers on a screen).

By upselling a client on increased adspend, we were able to source 240 showed calls for one client, resulting in a $21,000 profit over the course of 2020 (from one client alone)

We show you exactly how to train your Account Managers to upsell increased adspend in a way that benefits both you and your clients.

Client Retention
The Key to a Long Term, Successful Business
Many small businesses jump from agency to agency, wasting their own money and the agency owners’ time. The ‘Anti-Agency’ is built to hold high-paying long term clients.

Through a dynamic pricing structure, the ‘Anti-Agency’ allows much needed flexibility to the business owner, creating a partnership that can weather the inevitable ebbs and flows that small businesses face from month to month.

Superior retention rates allow ‘Anti-Agencies’ to have substantially higher customer lifetime value from their clients.

Atlas was able to achieve an average customer lifetime value of between $9,000 – 12,000 during 2020. This year we are inching closer to $15,000. Our top clients have a lifetime value in the range of $22,000 – $24,000.

We show you how to setup a dynamic pricing structure to keep clients happy, create a long term partnership, and maximize your own profits.
Run your Business with DATA…not Assumptions
Unlike a retainer agency that rarely tracks anything more than monthly recurring revenue and client adspend, the ‘Anti-Agency’ is heavily metrics driven. It’s PIVOTAL you know your numbers to a tee.

By taking the time to analyze your numbers on a weekly basis, you’ll be able to make the right adjustments to your pricing structure to maximize profitability.

There are 5 specific KPI’s that must be tracked every single week in order to succeed with the ‘Anti-Agency.’ We break down each one inside the S.P.G. Blueprint.

Once you nail your Profit Levers, Retention, and Numbers, the ‘Anti-Agency’ produces a much better relationship between you and your clients.

Inside of the S.P.G. Blueprint, you’re getting…
S.P.G. Blueprint Bundle – 2021 Accelerator Bundle

  • How to turn 1 client into 3, 4, or sometimes even 5x the monthly profit (without increasing your workload)
  • ​The simple upsell to teach your Account Managers (that will line your pockets with additional profit each month)
  • How to keep clients coming back month after month (taking pressure off your sales process to always bring in new clients)
  • ​How to become a true partner to your clients…and share in the profits as you help them scale up
  • ​How to solve the #1 complaint from your clients and use it to your advantage in your sales process
  • How to integrate Dialog Flow, a groundbreaking AI technology, into your follow up process
  • ​How to setup a call center to maximize your show up rates (and profits)

25+ Winning Ads That Effortlessly Book 100 Calls Per Month…

  • Swipe the world’s most powerful AGENCY ADS (stolen directly from 12-months of red-hot client-getting ads)
  • ​​And finally press PUBLISH from your ads dashboard with confidence your ads will convert like CRAZY…
  • Do all this and you’ve got a feels-like-blackhat yet super compliant way to transform your marketing agency, almost overnight!

7 Cold Outreach Scripts Your Future Clients Won’t Be Able to Resist

  • When you Send These Messages to Your Prospects…You’ll be DISGUSTED By How Many Deals You’ve LOST….then crack a smile knowing it doesn’t have to be like this anymore
  • ​Skip The Guesswork & Steal our PROVEN B2B outreach Templates so you can get MORE MEETINGS TODAY
  • Forget about all the pain of spending too much time writing “clever” emails and LinkedIn messages that never get responses…because I’ve already done 99% work for you.

LIVE MASTERCLASS: Becoming a 7-Figure Human Being

  • It’s no secret that Millionaires place a high value on having the ‘right mindset’ — In this video you’ll finally realize why
  • ​The unspoken TRUTH about inner-game and what it means to growing your business…FAST
  • ​​The distinct differences between 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs, and how to lay the foundation to become the latter.

ADS MASTERCLASS: Discover The Champion Ads Formula

  • This information is always highly-guarded behind “high-ticket closers” and multiple thousand-dollar investments…
  • ​Our goal is to make an impact by making it easily accessible without wasting time or money on the “wrong” coaching program or another $997 course
  • ​If you’ve ever struggled to get clients from cold emails, LinkedIn, Posting on FB, Profile funnels, or building your personal brand…this is what you’ve been missing all along

Stop Getting Banned!

  • Had multiple accounts, business managers, or access restricted in the last 12 months?…this is for you
  • ​Risking it all? If you rely 100% on FB for traffic then you are. Stop kidding yourself and put the right systems in place that’ll allow you to survive (and GROW)
  • 7-Figure Media Buyer Hacks to get you out of FB jail, endless ad accounts, and an entire ecosystem backing up your expected growth in 2021=

How to Go 0 to 20K/Mo In 60 Days With Stupid Simple IG DMs

  • Don’t Worry…These are NOT your average, used & abused IG message templates…
  • Get an extra 20 appointments per month with this FREE outreach strategy…all you need is a phone and an IG account
  • ​​This works even if you’re in a weird or saturated niche, and you don’t have spend a single dime on ads!

How to Quickly Weed out Bad-Fits and Start Closing Major Deals

  • This masterclass contains a RECIPE for success selling done-for-you services to local businesses…NOT watered-down theoretical motivational woo-woo stuff
  • Steal the S​neaky Pre-Call Strategy that gets prospects feeling primed and ready to buy…ANY agency will benefit from implemented even 10% of what’s covered
  • We’ve helped HUNDREDS of agency owners master the pre-call strategy.

The Zero to 50k
E-Commerce Ads Agency Blueprint

  • Want to start up an e-commerce ads agency but don’t know where to start? Watch as one of top students outlines his path from ZERO to 50k/mo
  • ​Even e-commerce agencies that’ve been around the block benefit from this training, catch one or two simple tweaks for your own agency, implement, and watch returns go UP…
  • ​​Grab a seat, and a notepad because Kendall reveals ALL in this telling masterclass.

7-Figure Case Studies:
Hybrid Model + Good, Bad, and Ugly of Scaling

  • ​2 of our 7-figure agency clients map their journey’s from A to Z….sharing bits and pieces you’ll NEVER hear gurus talking about (yet are crucial to your success)
  • Eddie holds nothing back in this compelling interview where he shares the good, bad, and ugly of scaling a multiple 7-figure agency.
  • ​​Hear how Dan took over an entire industry using our “Hybrid Agency” model

Here’s how to transition your agency to the ‘Anti-Agency’ model

Pay-Per Show will become the ‘New Standard’
This is inevitable.

…and if you think your sales process won’t be affected by an uprise of just one or two Pay-Per Show agencies in your niche..

Then you may not understand the severity of the situation.

You might already be a great salesperson, but you’re going to encounter new objections like,

“The other agency said they only charge me when a lead shows up, do you do that?”

How’re you going to handle that…?

Fact is, you’re going up against a better offer.

And if you want to stay in business, eventually…you’ll cave and make the switch to PPS…

So now the choice comes down to you.

You’ve seen how the old retainer model is dying out fast…

And how the ‘Anti-Agency’ model is where the market is headed…

You saw how people following this model are thriving and taking enormous market share from stubborn agencies who can’t adapt.

Now it’s time for a decision.
The Way I See It You Have Two Options…
Option #1
Continue going the retainer agency route for as long as possible. Try your best to retain current clients and struggle to bring in new ones…as new Anti-Agencies take over.
Option #2
Implement the S.P.G. Blueprint for (less than an average bottle of wine) so you can create a winning offer that prospects want in 2021.

One that will help you to retain clients, make more money from those clients, have the easiest sales process ever, and ensure your business will thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Pay Per Show Mini Course By Joel Kaplan, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):


2. Welcome

3. Pay per Show

4. Bonus