Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko
  • Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko

Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko

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Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko – Instant Download!

Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko

The SEO Challenge™ that fills in your SEO knowledge gaps, gives you practical SEO skills, and boosts your confidence

Hey, soon-to-be SEO Pro. Tell me if any of these things sound familiar. You…

  • Have been through a few SEO trainings already but all of them were too theoretical. They told about WHAT but never showed you HOW (what a waste!)
  • Already know many things about SEO, but you’re self-taught and you’re ready to finally fill in the gaps and level up so you can charge more for your projects
  • Understand SEO but feel that SEO gurus hide ‘secrets’ from you and never give you the exact steps to SEO success
  • Wander through FB groups and Reddit for hours, thread after thread, trying to find answers to your SEO questions… but you end up even more confused than when you started
  • Feel helpless after every Google update as you see your client’s websites ranking go down
  • Are you dying to get your hands on technical SEO and become comfortable looking at the page source, but you want to learn from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about
  • Want to jump into the freelance/consulting SEO business so you can have greater control over my work/life balance, but aren’t sure that your skills are quite where they need to be in order to do that
  • Want to join a network of like-minded SEO enthusiasts and hang out with a group of people who actually get what it is that you do

If any of the above resonates with you, then I’m really glad you’re here because The 45-Day SEO Challenge™ was designed exclusively for you!
So whether you’ve been doing SEO for a while and are now ready to level up and get the right processes in place…

Or you’re just starting with SEO and you need a clear path forward that will save you hours of digging and months of frustration…

Or you’re looking for a promotion within your existing organization…

Or land anywhere in between…

You’re in the right place!

Now before I introduce you to the SEO Challenge™, I want you to imagine something.

Imagine instead…

  • Having full confidence in knowing what actually works, how to do it, when to do it, and why… without doubting yourself at any step of the way
  • Spending time optimizing websites properly and never being afraid of Google algorithm updates again
  • Getting real results for your employer and clients, and seeing them celebrate the fact that they’ve FINALLY found an SEO pro that knows what they’re doing
  • Having the confidence to charge way more for your services because you know that the return you get clients is higher-than-average
  • Knowing exactly how to use keywords in the content so that it doesn’t look, feel, or sound spammy, making literally everyone happy
  • Being able to show and prove the value of your work so that everyone recognizes your efforts (and therefore doesn’t care what fee is attached to your invoice)
  • Not only understanding technical SEO aspects but having the confidence to talk about it and even relay your knowledge to your team with confidence (bye-bye confusion and doubt)
  • Feeling calm instead of panic when a new technical SEO issue appears, because you know how to handle it

Who Am I To Teach You About SEO?
Kristina Azarenko

10+ years of hands-on SEO experience
Scaled her SEO business to multiple 6 figures within 2 years (without any previous business experience)
Quit her full-time SEO job and managed to make her previous salary in the 4th month of having her business
Women in Tech SEO community member
Featured on Founder as a successful course creator
A speaker on the Women in Tech SEO Festival
Was featured in the Search Engine Land post among the 13 women shaping the SEO field
Did corporate SEO workshops for companies in Toronto
Teacher by education (and this doesn’t let me go, I love teaching!)
I started like you. But almost 10 years ago.
During this time I was happy to work with many small, medium and enterprise companies based in the USA, UK, Canada and other countries.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?
It says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. I’m going to teach you that 20%.

You will be super-efficient with your energy, focus and effort. Many times when people talk about SEO, they either make it complicated, or they only teach you link-building. While this is useful information (and better than not having anything), you need to follow a proven process in a way that helps you to scale!

Here’s how!

Through These Value-Packed SEO Challenge™ Modules:

Part 0: Setting You Up for Success
In this module, we will set you up for success in this course (and in your life!). I’ll share with you the techniques that will help you maximize your investment and really achieve the results you want.

Result after this module
You have set your intentions for the course and have a clear path to follow.

Downloadable files
Pre-Training Worksheet
SEO Challenge Habit Tracker
45-Day SEO Challenge Learning Plan

Part 1: Pre-training
In this module, you’ll learn how to start a website from scratch and set up the 2 free tools you’ll absolutely need along the way: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Result after this module
You have your own website, it’s verified in Google Search Console and has Google Analytics. You’re ready for the upcoming SEO Challenge missions!

Downloadable files
Set Up Your WordPress Website – Checklist

Part 2: SEO Value
In this module, you will understand how SEO differs from PPC, what TRevenue is and why you need to think about it.

Result after this module
You clearly understand the difference between SEO and PPC and can easily communicate it to your clients or boss. You also understand why you don’t always need traffic.

Part 3: Search Engines & Algorithms
Here you’ll learn what exactly Google cares about on your website and how to survive with all these algorithm changes.

Result after this module
You know the main Google algorithms and ranking factors. You can also spot myth rank factors that many people get wrong.

Downloadable files
A Guide on Analyzing a Traffic Loss
Part 4: User Intent & Keywords
In this part, you’ll get everything you need to know about doing keyword research and how user intent drives it. You’ll see over-the-shoulder videos that will help you to understand a data-driven process you can follow.

Result after this module
You have a clear process of keyword research and understand how to find the right keywords that will bring results.

Downloadable files
Your Keyword Research Checklist
Keyword Map
Part 5: On-Site SEO
In this module, we’ll talk about the things that you can easily control: on-page SEO. You’ll also learn about the 2 types of pages each website has and the 6 elements you’ll need to make your page relevant.

Result after this module
You have a clear understanding of website architecture: how to analyze and improve it with strategic internal linking. You also know how to use the right page elements to improve page rankings.

Downloadable files
Your On-Page Optimization Checklist

Part 6: Content
Here you’ll learn the 3 Ws you need to keep in mind while developing your content or creating briefs for copywriters. We’ll also talk about E-A-T: how it influences your rankings and how you can improve it.

Result after this module
You understand how to create content that is optimized for search engines and users at the same time. You know how to properly incorporate keywords without being spammy.

You will also be able to analyze and create a strategy for content improvements.

Downloadable files
Your Content Optimization Blueprint
Part 7: Technical SEO
I’ll be honest: this is the biggest and most (SEO)challenging part. But it’s very exciting and content-packed.

Result after this module
You feel confident in your technical SEO knowledge and solutions. You understand how technical SEO works, you can perform a website audit and fix technical issues using redirects, canonicals and other techniques. You’ll also know how to improve page speed and Core Web Vitals.

Downloadable files
Technical SEO Audit checklist

Part 8: Google Search Console

In this module, we’ll dive into the most important SEO tool – Google Search Console.

Result after this module
You are a pro in analyzing GSC data and finding the most important nuggets that will help you fix or improve a website.

Part 9: Mobile SEO
In this part, you’ll know everything about mobile-first indexing you need to know in the context of SEO.

Result after this module
You can check the mobile-friendliness of any page. You also know exactly how to make sure a mobile Googlebot can read the content on a page.

Part 10: Link-Building
In this part you’ll learn why you need links and how to build them without spamming anyone.

Result after this module
You set up a system that helps you earn high-quality links without spending hours on it.

Part 11: How to Measure SEO
In this module, you’ll see how to use the tools you already have to transform numbers into SEO value.

Result after this module
You know how to use reports to craft a meaningful story so that your client or boss sees the value your SEO efforts bring to their business.

Downloadable files
Google Data Studio Report Template
Part 12: SEO Trends You Should Know
SEO is changing all the time. In this module, I’ll show you the most important SEO trends as well as how you can easily stay in the ‘SEO loop’ without overwhelm.

Result after this module
You understand where the SEO sphere is heading and feel comfortable navigating it. You also know where you can quickly get all the latest updates.

Downloadable files
A List of the People and Resources to Follow
Part 13: Local SEO with Invited Guest Speakers
You’ll get local SEO insights from the best of the best: Sergey Alakov, a digital marketing manager in one of the biggest agencies in Canada, and Claire Carlile, a local SEO queen that spoke at all big SEO conferences you know.

Result after this module
You can properly configure Google My Business listings to get more leads. You can also set up a proper tagging system to attribute traffic and sales to your local SEO work.

Bonus Training: How to Find an SEO Job
In this bonus part you’ll get actionable tips on how to go through a job interview seamlessly and land a position of your dream. Many tips from this part will also work for freelancers!

Here I shared tips from my own experience, plus invited a digital marketing manager Maxim Poliakov – who’s been hiring SEOs for years (he was actually my first SEO boss!), so he has a lot to share!

Result after this module
You know how to write your CV and present yourself so that others perceive you as a professional you are.

Downloadable files
How to Land an SEO Job (or any other job!): Actionable Steps

Are you ready to take your skills (and your income) to the next level?
If you don’t jump into The 45-Day SEO Challenge™…

You’ll stay stuck at your current position and salary level…

You’ll have to stick it out with the boss that you hate…

You’ll continually second-guess yourself, your skills, and your knowledge…

And you’ll spend your time searching the internet for answers instead of doing the things that you love.

Investing in The 45-Day SEO Challenge™ is investing in your business and your future possibilities.

Aren’t you ready for a change?

Aren’t you ready for the challenge!?

Aren’t you ready to make more money?

Seo Challenge By Kristina Azarenko, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

01-Setting You Up for Success – Start Here (Day 1)
02-Part 1 – Pre-Training (Days 2-3)
03-Part 2 – SEO Value (Day 4)
04-Part 3 – Google Algorithms & Ranking Factors (Days 5-8)
05-Part 4 – User Intent & Keywords (Days 9-11)
06-Part 5 – On-Site SEO (Days 12-15)
07-Part 6 – Content Optimization (Days 16-18)
08-Part 7 – Technical SEO (Days 19-28)
09-Part 8 – Google Search Console (Days 29-31)
10-Part 9 -Mobile SEO (Days 32-33)
11-Part 10 – Link Building (Days 34-35)
12-Part 11 – How to measure SEO (Days 36-38)
13-Part 12 – SEO Trends You Should Know (Days 39-41)
14-Part 13 – Local SEO Training from Guest Experts (Days 42-43)
15-Thank You (Day 45)
16-Bonus Training – How to Find an SEO Job (Day 44)
17-Bonus Training – How to be Successful as an SEO Freelancer (Day 44)
18-Your Documents Library