Super Simple Spreads by John Locke by SMB
  • Super Simple Spreads by John Locke by SMB

Super Simple Spreads by John Locke by SMB


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Super Simple Spreads by John Locke by SMB

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In “Super Simple Spreads”, John Locke teaches you:

  • Why traditional “high probability” options trades aren’t as great as they seem.
  • How to properly calculate your odds in options trades… (hint: it’s probably not what you think)
  • Why some high probability income strategies actually have worse probabilities than buy-and-hold strategies.
  • How a proper management strategy can dramatically improve your probabilities of success over time


John Locke give you multiple trading plans in one course

Learn Super Simple Spreads Including:

  • The Bull – Everything you love about high probability premium selling — plus everything you need to know to keep from blowing up your account. Learn the when, where, and how of selling high probability spreads, plus simple money management rules that have been back tested for success over 80% of the time.
  • The Bear – A super simple spread trade that has a excellent risk:reward ratio, provides income in many market conditions, and particularly does well in a bearish trend.
  • The Bull vs. Bear – A strategic combination of the first two Super Simple Spreads. Learn how these trades can work together to increase probabilities. Manage the trades independently depending on market conditions.
  • The V-Condor – A Somewhat Simple Spread that provides an introduction to managing a trade based on the Greeks. Still a fully systematic trade that can be traded with once-per-day management and a list of rules.

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