The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez
  • The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez

The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez

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Author: Joshua Martinez
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The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez – Instant Download!

The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez
The Futures Edge with Joshua Martinez

To celebrate his 10 year anniversary and launch of his new venture, Traders Agency, Josh is offering his crowned jewel product ‘The Futures Edge’

Meet your coach

Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez

Joshua Martinez is a 10+ year trading veteran inside of the financial Market. He’s known as one the leading innovative traders in this industry due to his consistent returns using his cutting-edge strategies. Josh first burst into the scene when he took an initial investment of $500 and turned it into over $39,000 in just under 2 years. In the last three calendar years, Joshua has captured over 50,000 pips with his longest winning streak being 22-months.

Joshua’s trading articles have been featured in Your Trading Edge, The FX Street, Trader Planet, Forex Crunch, Trading Pub, and

In addition to trading, Joshua has also trained thousands of traders worldwide. His strategies and systems have helped others find success in the market.

Course Contents – what is it included: ( Content proof: Watch here! )

01. Risk Disclaimer

Please review this risk disclaimer before beginning the course.
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02. Foundation Lessons

These are the foundation lessons. These instructional videos will benefit you and help you through the course.

Lesson 1- Introducing the Futures Market06:17
Lesson 2 – What are Futures Brokers08:20
Lesson 3 – Futures Basics (What do we need to know to be a Futures Trader)07:19
Lesson 4 – Growth Formula and Margin15:06
Lesson 5 – How to Read a Chart09:33
Lesson 6 – Finding Direction with Trendlines10:21
Lesson 7 – How Counter Trendlines Work11:31
Lesson 8 – Future High Prices and Future Low Prices08:45
Lesson 9 – Understanding Fibonacci’s13:52
Lesson 10 – Longer Timeframes and Smaller Timeframes09:23
Lesson 11 – Putting it all Together12:12

03. Live Weekly Webinar Session

Weekly Monday – Wednesday 9am-11am

04. Watchlist Performance Tracker
Watchlist Performance Tracker

05. Trade Idea Tracker
Each week receive a list of Josh’s ideas – including symbol, direction, and exit positions – all in one spot.
Trade Tracker

06. Written Descriptions
Written Descriptions

07. Weekly Training Sessions Video Archive
View past sessions here.
3/9/2022 Session01:56:50
3/8/2022 Session02:06:03
3/7/2022 Session00:00
3/2/2022 Session01:56:04
3/1/2022 Session02:01:29
2/28/2022 Session02:08:57
2/23/2022 Session01:54:41
2/22/2022 Session02:05:10
2/21/2022 Session02:05:10

08. Profit Enhancer
Profit Enhancer Formula Walk Through08:20
Profit Enhancer Calculator

09. Quarterly Boot Camp Video Archive
1/14/22 Quarterly Bootcamp Session (Combining Trend lines and Fibonacci)01:42:44
9/17/21 Bootcamp Session (Renko Bars)01:15:37
5/26/21 Bootcamp Session (Gartley Patterns)02:05:44
1/15/21 Bootcamp Session (Putting It All Together)01:58:41
12/21/20 Bootcamp Session (Fibonnaci Bootcamp)01:41:50
11/6/20 Boot Camp Session (Trendline and Channels Bootcamp)01:59:51
8/28/20 Boot Camp Session (Trendline and Counter Trendline Bootcamp)02:13:04
5/28/20 Boot Camp Session (Fibonacci Bootcamp)03:53:21
11/3/20 Futures Edge Class Recording (TrendLines)01:59:13
11/2/20 Futures Edge Class Recordings (Fibonaccis)01:48:29