The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi
  • The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi


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The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi – Instant Download!

Do you know the answer to these 5 money questions?


If you know the answer to all 5, great! You can close this page.
But if you didn’t get 100% of those questions — and you want to know how to take control of your money . . . and stop feeling so stressed about it — read on.

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

Why is it so normal to stress about money?

We all feel it.
We feel it DAILY. Sometimes hourly.

  • We go to Target for deodorant and tissues and leave with $197.43 of stuf.
  • Our car needs surprise repairs, and we have to scramble to pay it.
  • We hear our friends talk about their investments and wonder how much we’re missing out on. (BTW, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime if you’re not investing — and investing wisely.)
  • Here comes another student loan bill. Will these ever end?
  • End of the month and we get a “low account balance” alert — again.
  • We’re on vacation but can’t enjoy dinner because the prices feel so high. Wasn’t this trip supposed to be relaxing?


Money stress is one of those things that’s so common that we think it’s normal. We think money HAS to be stressful.

But if you step back and look at what we’re taught about money, it’s not surprising we’re stressed. Most money advice sounds logical but actually adds stress to our lives.

“Keep a budget!”
(Why? Every time you try it falls apart and you’re back to square one.)

“Cut back on lattes!”
(Frankly, I don’t want to. I love my cofee.)

“Disable your oven light and save $0.43. A YEAR!”
(OMG, some frugality tips are ridiculous. They don’t work and it’s just depressing.)

“Buy crypto! Everyone’s doing it.”
(Why does this feel like you’re getting ripped of…but you just don’t know how?)

Or perhaps my all-time favorite:
“If you rent, you’re just throwing your money away.”

How to stop stressing about money
If you’re ready to get of the never-ending roller coaster that is money stress, ask yourself these two questions…



It’s not a lack of trying. Or desire.
It’s not a lack of money either. Many people are surprised to discover that their money stress doesn’t go away as their income and net worth go up. (I’ve met multiple millionaires who still bargain shop for the cheapest blueberries.)
A better sign that you’re ready to take control of your money is being able to answer this:

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

And once you can answer those questions, can you manage all of your fnances in 1 hour per month or less?



We all think if we just hit a certain number — maybe that’s $100k a year, or a million dollar net worth — then we’ll fnally feel good about money…
But it never happens.

When we hit the goal, we fnd the goal post moves. Or worse, we might save and save and save…only to realize we don’t know how to actually enjoy our money. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!

People worry about money their whole lives, scrimping and saving for a retirement where they assume their life will somehow (magically) be wonderful. But when it arrives, they’re still stressed and afraid to spend.

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

Some people spend hours and hours (even days) building complicated spreadsheets for their money. But this doesn’t work either. We don’t want a nice spreadsheet — we just want our money to go where it needs to go, automatically, with enough left over that we can enjoy our lives, guilt-free.

We don’t want a spreadsheet. WE WANT A RICH LIFE!

Here’s the most important takeaway in all this:

If you want to stop stressing about money, you have to CHANGE your approach to

When you do, amazing things can happen…

” We were able to pay of over $230k of student loans”

” My wife and I both graduated physical therapy school with what seemed to us a crippling level of debt…Ramit’s program brought us to the next level…we were able to pay of over $230k of student loans in 5 years and become debt free…I’d highly recommend Ramit’s material to anyone and everyone out there!” NICK PETERSON

” Wine tastings in Cape Town vineyards, private helicopter ride, 5-star treatment at Mfuwe Lodge”

” We stayed in a luxurious Airbnb estate in Cape Town with ocean AND mountain views, then stayed at a luxury resort for the safari…Wine tastings in Cape Town vineyards, private helicopter ride over Cape Town, and then 5-star treatment at Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia…Very expensive and worth every penny… Best trip of our lives so far, and we’re planning to go back in a few years!” KATIE MILD

Nobody’s born knowing how money works

Funny story…

When I was a kid, my family didn’t have a lot of money. My mom and dad emigrated from India. My dad was an engineer and my mom stayed home raising 4 kids.

No nanny, no private schools. When our family would take a road trip, my dad would tell us to stay in the car while he checked us into a motel. That’s because, to save money, he would get a motel room with 2 single beds — for a family of 6. Then once he got the key, we would quietly go into the room, avoiding the lobby.

When we got up there, my dad would make “the phone call.”

“Hi, this is room 324,” he would say. “Could you bring some more towels to our room?”

“Yes, sir. How many do you need? 1? 2?”

“How about 4? And if you can send 2 cots, that would be great.”

“Sir, this room is booked for double occupancy only. We cannot—”

Dad: “Thank you!”

HAHA! WE THOUGHT THIS WAS NORMAL. Only later did we realize how hilarious it was to squeeze 6 people into a room for 2. But without things like this (and little Ramit sleeping on a couch), it gets pretty expensive to take a family on a trip. So our family vacations were fun but simple: road trips to visit our family in LA. That was it!

You can imagine that a luxurious, guilt-free, multi-week vacation wasn’t even on my radar. I didn’t know much about money or investing, either.

When I got my frst scholarship check, I invested it in the stock market and lost half my money.

Yeah, not fun. But it did teach me that I needed to learn how money worked. I didn’t want to be broke, in debt, and frustrated by money, like everyone around me.

When I started to learn about fnances back in 2004, so much of what I read about was telling me what I SHOULDN’T do with my money

  • DON’T spend on appetizers…
  • DON’T stay at expensive hotels…
  • And certainly DON’T buy anything you enjoy

And when you cut back every day for 60 years, you MIGHT have enough to enjoy it in your rocking chair. I don’t know about you, but that’s my nightmare.

I want to enjoy my money and my life TODAY. Not in some distant future that I might not even live to see.

I didn’t believe that being in control of my money should mean tracking every penny, worrying about a $5 latte, or cutting back on everything.

I wanted MORE, not less. I wanted to use my money to BUILD my life, not make it smaller through fnger wagging and shaming about what I should and shouldn’t be doing.

✓ I wanted to take amazing vacations and buy gifts for my family.
✓ I wanted to enjoy wearing a soft and beautiful cashmere sweater — even a ridiculously expensive one — not feel guilty about it.
✓ I wanted to spend my money on things that I loved, not what everyone told me I should care about.

That’s the kind of personal fnance I cared about: How to USE my money to build MY Rich Life.

I spent years reading every book I could fnd, watching every TV show, devouring all the fnancial tips and advice I could.

I developed, tested, and refned my own philosophy on money. It’s built on a small number of simple but life-changing ideas:

  • We need to create SYSTEMS for our money rather than continuously having to choose how much to spend or save. Get it right once, then let it run on autopilot.
  • Most of us leave thousands of dollars on the table every month. And you can put that money back in your pocket with just a few phone calls and the right questions.
  • When it comes to investing, you don’t need to try to beat the market (despite what fnancial “gurus” think…).
  • We can use money to ENHANCE our lives . One of the secrets is consciously choosing what we love to spend on and cutting back on the things we don’t care about.

And most important of all…

Money is a small but vital part of living a fulflling life. Getting your money in control gives you the power and fexibility to make major improvements in all areas of your life.

Time with family and friends, travel, experiences, personal growth, your health and ftness, hobbies, giving — ALL of these parts of your life can become bigger, easier, more exciting, and richer when your money is under control and working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

This is the “secret” behind my Rich Life today…

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

That’s a taste of my Rich Life.
But yours will be diferent. Your Rich Life is YOURS.
Not your parents’ vision.
Not your friends’ visions
Not even mine.

What does YOUR Rich Life look like?

Maybe it includes:

  • Going on a hike with beautiful views every Saturday morning
  • Buying new shoes every month
  • Staying at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with your favorite people
  • Learning a new language with a private tutor
  • Being debt-free (at last)
  • Just having the freedom to give more — gifts, tips, charity, time
  • Being able to extend your vacation by a few days “just because”

Your Rich Life should ft you like a handmade glove.

Your Rich Life would probably make NO SENSE to me. And that’s okay!

That’s how it should be. As long as you can look at your personal relationships, your fnances, and your ordinary days, and confdently nod saying, “Wow, I love this.”

There’s just one catch…

You can’t reach your Rich Life by accident.

Nor can you keep following the broken, stressful, frugality-obsessed money advice you hear everywhere. It doesn’t work. And even if you make more money, you still won’t know how to USE it to build your Rich Life. (Not to mention how to automate it so you take care of all your saving, investing, tracking, and tweaks in less than 1 hour per month.)

If you’re ready to fnally take control of your money and start building your Rich Life, you need a new system.


The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

Here’s what your life will look like once YOUR Rich Life System is up and running:

  • All of your saving, investments, and bills will be automated.
  • You’ll know exactly where your money is going. (Hint: It’ll be going exactly where you want it to.)
  • You’ll know how much you can spend each month, 100% guilt-free. (Also how to ramp that “guilt-free number” up.)
  • You’ll know how and when all your loans will be paid of.
  • How much you spend on your favorite things will go up. (And how much you waste on stuf you don’t care about will drop.)
  • You’ll have a mouth-watering, crystal clear vision of YOUR Rich Life. And better yet, detailed plans and clear line-of-sight on how you can achieve it.
  • You’ll be living your Rich Life TODAY — not waiting for someday.
  • You’ll know how to adjust your system as your needs and wants change, so you’re always in control.
  • Money will be a source of JOY in your life, not stress.

Best of all, you can have all of this with just 1 hour a month. (Some of my students spend as little as 15 minutes a month.)

Plus, there are no crazy spreadsheets. No advanced math. No risky investments. And no guilt.

Just a simple system for taking control of your money and building your Rich Life.

The Rich Life System works

It works…
…even if you don’t know anything about money or investing
… even if you have no idea where to start
… even if you don’t make “a lot of money”
… even if this is your 12th time trying to get your money in order
… even if you’re single, in a relationship, with kids, without kids, just starting out, or well on your way.

I’ve tested this system with MILLIONS of people — yes, MILLIONS — so I know it works.

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

This program shows you exactly how to set up, customize, and run your own “Rich Life System.”

And unlike most personal fnance programs — which focus on fnancial minutiae and never even think about actually enjoying your money or your life — The Rich Life

System begins and ends with YOUR Rich Life.

Your vision.

And EVERYTHING you need to know is included.

Each Playbook in the program is a complete, clear, step-by-step guide with all of the detail, exercises, psychology, and tactics you need to build a key piece of your Rich Life System.

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

I want to give you a sample of what’s in some of these Playbooks:

Design Your Rich Life
How to dream BIG about the life you want

  • An average life and a Rich Life — can you tell the diference? (Most people have trouble with this)
  • Fun, quick exercises to build a mouth-watering vision of your Rich Life
  • The 8 essential parts of every Rich Life
  • Inside the Rich Lives of real students
  • What does a day in your Rich Life look like?
  • How to break out of your mental ruts and dream BIG

Create Your Rich Life Goals
How to make your Rich Life real

  • Going from “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” to actual plans
  • How to set HUGE Rich Life Goals and actually achieve them
  • How to amplify and savor every Rich Life experience
  • Actionable guidance to start living your Rich Life today

Unlock Your Money
Rewrite your negative money scripts

  • Why money & psychology are essential in your Rich Life
  • The invisible scripts preventing you from getting ahead – and how to rewrite them
  • How to start where you are NOW… making the system work no matter how much money you have
  • What if you have debt? Follow my debt paydown plan
  • How to set accurate numbers for your Rich Life Goals

Guilt-Free Spending
Enjoy your money without guilt, stress, or confusion

  • Forget budgets — why you should be using conscious spending instead
  • The “guilt-free number” that will cut your money stress in half
  • How to have MORE money for the things you love
  • How to easily balance your long-term investing, short-term saving, and daily spending

Automating Your System
Building a Money Machine that never sleeps

  • How to set up your accounts and transfers so your Rich Life System runs on autopilot
  • How to time your system so every bill gets paid in full, on time, every time
  • Irregular income? Not a problem. I’ll show you how to automate this
  • Mindset tips and little-known automation perks

Long-Term Rich Life Saving
Stress-free, hassle-free investing

  • How to set up your retirement savings and investing, even if you fnd investing daunting
  • The diferences between 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, and the many kinds of investment options. And I’ll walk through the ones you actually need and point out everything you can ignore
  • How to not get gouged on scammy fees
  • The set-it-and-forget-it investing strategy that I use that outperforms most “fnancial advisors”

Manage Your Rich Life
It’s YOUR Rich Life. You’re in control.

  • How to manage your money and Rich Life in 1 hour a month (or less)
  • Rich Life Reviews – how do they work?
  • How to uplevel your Rich Life every 3 months
  • An inside look at how my wife and I manage our Rich Lives

There are a lot of other options you could choose, so why this one?

I know The Rich Life System isn’t the only choice for getting your fnances together.
You could…

  • Use Excel to make a “better” budget
  • Listen to another personal fnance podcast
  • Watch more YouTube videos
  • Try harder
  • Buy another book
  • Ask your friends and family to tell you what to do

But the truth is these things usually don’t move the needle at all. You’ve probably already tried some of these multiple times!

Budgets don’t work. You don’t stick to them.

Sometimes you need more than a few YouTube videos, a podcast, and some quick tips from your dad.

And sometimes you don’t want to read a 300+ page book and try to apply it all on your own. Are you doing it right? How do you apply it to YOUR situation? How do you even know if you got the right book?

I get it.

Sometimes you just want someone to tell you, from A to Z, exactly what you need to do.

That is exactly what The Rich Life System gives you. Everything you need to know and do, step by step, to get your money in order and build your Rich Life.

And there’s more…

Advice from someone you can trust

When I frst started learning about money, I would have done anything for someone to just sit me down and show me exactly what to do.

Someone who knew what they were talking about and was interested in the big picture — a Rich Life — and not just frugality or portfolios or spreadsheets.

Someone who is repeatedly vetted by trusted outlets:

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

Someone who literally wrote the book on taking control of your money:

The Rich Life System By Ramit Sethi

Someone who’s earned a reputation for getting quantifable results for students of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the globe:

” I have $600k net worth, on track for 3/4m by end of [the year] ”

I had probably $1000 to my name…and came from a family that was terrible with money…I followed every word of your advice and have you to thank over anyone else. I have $600k net worth, on track for 3/4M by end of [the year].”


“We have paid of over $45k in student loan debt ”

We have paid of over $45k in student loan debt, automated our IRA savings, and built a conscious spending plan that enables our version of a Rich Life: summers of with our kids, adventurous travel, and supporting our favorite local businesses and nonprofts.”


“I have never felt stronger or more confdent ”

My life looked a lot diferent just two years ago… I was 37 years old, heavier than ever before, unhappy in my career…Being organized and debt-free put my family and me in a much stronger position for the future…I have never felt stronger or more confdent. I have also never been happier.”


Will you keep living a smaller life than you have to?

I know, I know.

If money is only one part of living your Rich Life, why does it really matter if you get it straightened out now? Why don’t you just focus on doing more of what you love?

Maybe take a painting class. Or get really ft. Or fnally write that book you’ve been thinking about.

I do think you should do more of the things that enrich your life.

But I do know that at one point or another, you’d still be held back.


Because you’ll still be missing a solid foundation. Without your own Rich Life System, your money won’t be designed to support your deepest-held aspirations.

You’ll keep living a smaller life than you have to because you won’t have learned how to make your money work for you.

Rich Lives are built on solid foundations. You don’t need a lot of money, but your money (and your money psychology) does need to be working for you, not against you. This is a key part of living life intentionally, proactively, and abundantly.

With the right foundation, you can start building YOUR Rich Life, just like so many of my other students…

Ask yourself:

  • How much would you love to never get that “low bank account balance” alert ever again?
  • How much would you love to set a Rich Life Goal and know you can aford it (including the exact month and day it will happen)?
  • How much would you love to never feel jealous again over someone’s Instagram posts — because yours are already flled with YOUR Rich Life?

A Rich Life can be yours. Not just theirs.

You don’t have to do it alone. Or fgure it out yourself. Or put it of another week.

You can build your Rich Life today — and start enjoying it today. I will walk you through each step of the process.

You’re just one step away from solving your money stress once and for all. And changing your life for every year to come.