Ultimate Persuasion Workshop By Ian Stanley
  • Ultimate Persuasion Workshop By Ian Stanley

Ultimate Persuasion Workshop By Ian Stanley

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Ultimate Persuasion Workshop By Ian Stanley – Instant Download!

How to be Persuasive AF, Sell Anything, Create

High-Converting Funnels, Land Clients, and More…

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 3 days worth of content videos from my $3,000 workshops.
  • Intense conversion training. (Including how to convert cold traffic, upsells, VSLs, writing, storytelling, funnel structures, etc.)
  • ​How to tell stories that make people love you and pay you.
  • The ultimate mindset training to get yourself to do the things that matter most in your life.
  • A shit ton more content that’ll be worth way more than $1000 🙂

“For those of you who read advertising copy for the purpose of doing it better (yes, some of us do that), whose copy can’t you stay away from? And why?

For me it’s Ian Stanley and James Altucher. When one of those dudes shows up in my inbox , I put everything aside and read all the way through. Because they’re honest and vulnerable. And the writing entertains me so much I actually enjoy the process of being led into a sale.”

– Jeff Wayne Beaird

“Just wanted to let you know the final tally. I sold over 6300. About 800 of that came in the final half hour and it came from one of your emails in the 5 email template.”

– Ron Mckie

Ultimate Persuasion Workshop By Ian Stanley, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • Copy and Funnels
  • $100M Marketing Lessons from the 2018 McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight
  • A Real Example of A Pet Business Opt-in
  • Ad vs. Lander – Which is More Important
  • Funnel Breakdowns – Internet Marketing
  • Funnel Breakdowns – Health
  • Funnel Breakdowns – Dating Niche
  • Pricing Products So They Go Viral (Using Nueral Nets)
  • Upsell Fundamentals
  • Goff Copy
  • Writing
  • Tenets of Good Writing
  • How to Create Great Hooks
  • How to Find Winning Pages
  • How to Go from B-List to A-List Copywriting
  • Ian’s Feedback on the Orange Exercise
  • Reframing + Positive Language
  • Rules for Writing Great Copy Part II
  • Structuring Contracts & Managing Clients
  • The #1 Thing You Need From Clients
  • The Easy Way to Beat Controls and Make $40-50K
  • Why Sequence Matters _ How to Get It Right
  • Your Brain and Cursive Writing
  • Time & Visualizations
  • Sales
  • Business Strategy