Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James – Raw Dating Advice
  • Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James – Raw Dating Advice

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James – Raw Dating Advice

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Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James – Raw Dating Advice – Instant Download!

“Can he really get girls?” one man whispered.
“Doubt it!” another exclaimed. “He
never has women on his channel.”

15 men anxiously watched as
I made my approach.
But when she started to blush…

Picture this…
It was my first “weekend bootcamp” in Las Vegas.
And I was co-hosting it with my good friend Adam Gilad (a true O.G. in the dating space).

After 3 grueling days, we finally reached the climax of the weekend… The “Banter Sessions”

Where each guy would get the chance to banter with one of Adam’s “Wing Women” – at the front of the room – and get our feedback on how to improve…

(After all, if you could do this with 15 men and 3 wingwomen judging your every move, you could do this anywhere…)

The Problem?

No guy wanted to go first (and I don’t blame them)…

To potentially be the FIRST guy to strike out – in a large group like this – is enough pressure to crack any man! (Especially if you’re the dating coach getting paid to be there!)

So naturally, everybody wanted me to go first.

And not to mention… these were Adam’s wingwomen. Meaning this was my first time meeting these women too! I remember it like it was yesterday…

15 men, 3 wingwomen and Adam, circled around this cute blonde girl and I… Preparing to judge my every move.

Then Adam shouted out “Act like she’s shopping at the grocery store, then you approach her… GO!”

In that moment, whispers of skeptical men began to fill the room, as my heart sank to my stomach.

After all – running out of things to say (or worse, saying something stupid) in front of an ENTIRE ROOM of paying clients could do irreparable damage to my reputation…

15 of my top paying clients anxiously watched
as I made my approach…

But when she locked eyes with me, and I started to talk, I immediately knew… I had this in the bag.

Like “conversational” muscle memory, I could predict exactly how the next 5 minutes would have played out. UNTIL…

Less than 60 seconds later, everyone’s anxiety turned to awe as she started blushing, and broke character.

Like a Mike Tyson uppercut, this girl was utterly unprepared for the 1-2 combo I threw her way.

She even started to trip over her own words.

What’s even more surprising…
As she began to nervously giggle like a giddy school girl, I could see in her eyes that she was actually into me. Seriously, genuinely into me!
Despite my initial nerves, I honestly wasn’t very surprised…

Because I had a secret advantage that nobody else knew about… I knew the exact “words” to make her want me.

And when I deployed them, they worked exactly how they’d worked 1000 times before…with undeniable attraction that made women want me, bad.

A One Time Fluke?

Now I know what you’re thinking… Was it just luck? Could a specific set of “memorized words” actually have this effect on women?

It’s a fair question. And I’d be lying if I said that thought didn’t cross my mind too! That is…

Until the exact same thing happened with a different girl, at the last #RawDatingAdvice bootcamp!

I wish I could tell you I’ve always been a “smooth talker” with the ladies, but that’s simply not true…

Truth is – growing up, I was friend-zoned by pretty much every girl I ever liked. Heck, I didn’t even lose my v-card until age 21!

How an Awkward, Big-Nosed 21-Yr Old VIRGIN
Cracked the Code to Compelling Conversation
NO Girl Can Ignore…

I remember the last girl who friend zoned me (right before getting into this whole “get good with girls” thing), we were walking outside and I had NO clue what to talk about…

So you know what I said?

“The weather’s really nice out tonight, huh?”

…yup, I literally started talking about the weather! 😂

Let’s just say it didn’t work out in my favor. But…

I’m grateful for that experience because it was the moment I became both inspired (and desperate) to improve my conversation skills with women.

Point Blank: I was FED UP with getting friend-zoned.

So at 21 years old, I started approaching women. A lot.

And after approaching thousands of women in every day scenarios, I started to realize most of my conversations repeated these “common” moments…

Moments like:

  • The moment you introduce yourself
  • The first awkward silence
  • The moment you ask for her number
  • ​The second awkward silence
  • ​The moment you invite her back to your place

…and so on!

My game soared when I finally learned WHAT TO SAY
during these crucial, yet pivotal moments…

Moments I now refer to as “Hinge Moments” because, like a hinge, whatever I said during those pivotal moments could completely alter the course of this conversation.

Say the right thing?

…and you instantly put yourself on her radar, sparking the chase in your direction.

Say the wrong thing (or worse, go in unprepared)?

…and these moments actually work against you!

The Moment You Introduce Yourself…

You may not know this, but HOW you introduce yourself completely sets the tone for how this conversation goes…

Do this the way most men do (“Hey, I’m (YOUR NAME)…”), and research shows that by simple habit, 96.5% of men will likely follow up with questions like:

“What do you do?”
“Where are you from?”
“What’s your major?”

And you already know from experience, once the interview-style questions start…

She’s already written you off, and the conversation fizzles out faster than it started! But…

Say The Right Thing During This
Crucial “Hinge” Moment?

And she’ll be the curious one, trying to keep the conversation going with you… Simply because you ZIGGED, while most men would have ZAGGED!

In psychology this is called a “Pattern Interrupt” – AKA the most effective way to get anybody’s attention onto you.

And with social media increasing in popularity every day, women’s attention spans are shorter than ever… Meaning you’ve got ONE opportunity to make a solid impression that gets her chasing you!

So unless you’re able to take advantage of these moments common to 99% of man-to-woman conversations, you’ll always struggle to consistently land the women you want.

Destined to always be stuck in the grey area between “dating” and “just friends” (I know you know what I mean)

Imagine if You Always Knew What To Say,
At Every Pivotal Moment…

What would that mean to you personally?

  • No more hesitating when you see that stunning woman across the room?
  • Flipping the script in conversation so SHE’S the one working to gain your approval?
  • Naturally making her WANT to give you her phone number and see you again?
  • ​Easily leading her back to your place for same night sex?

I want you to experience this seductive POWER in your conversations with women.

That’s why I’m super excited to show this to you, for the first time ever…

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James - Raw Dating Advice

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James - Raw Dating Advice

Words That Make Her Want You has been my secret sauce to attracting quality women into my life – and making it look effortless at the same time.

And after today – these “words” will become your secret weapon too.

99% of Men Leave Their Conversations
Up To Pure CHANCE.

Did you know that Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street himself, makes every salesman on his team use a script?

Why would he do that?

Is it because he’s a terrible boss? Is it because he’s unethical or immoral?

No! It’s because using a proven script is the ONLY way to get consistent & predictable results.

And if you’re currently struggling to consistently land the quality of women you want (and deserve)…

It’s because you don’t have a proven strategy to always say the “right” thing at the “right” time… And that’s exactly what Words That Make Her Want You is designed to do!

You already know how we roll on #RawDatingAdvice.

If you’re seeing this page right now, you likely already have my best-selling book 107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl… So you already know I love to overdeliver.

And if I only gave you “what to say”, you might be able to take your dating life from a 2 to an 8… But I’ve never been one to “settle” for an 8.

There’s an old saying that goes: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I want EVERY self-investing action taker on #RDA to experience the POWER of actually becoming the type of guy who naturally has women chasing him, everywhere you go!

That’s why (for the FIRST TIME ever) I’m revealing the “secret sauce” elements that pull it all together in a way which are uniquely me, and me alone. A way which I reveal to you in Words That Make Her Want You…

The BIG 5 “Secret Sauce” Ingredients in
Words That Make Her Want You That Create
a Rabid Roster of Loyal Women…

Words That Make Her Want You is lightyears beyond just a few “lines” to keep in your back pocket…

This is a SYSTEM, where I’ve ripped apart my conversation strategy into 5 SIMPLE yet mind-blowing components:

Make Her Want You Component #1:

This is 93 pages containing 40+ of my go-to word-for-word scripts for every “Hinge Moment” you’ll experience while out in the field…

Inside These Word-For-Word Scripts, You’ll Discover…

  • ​The perfect line for when the conversation starts fizzling out… ( pg.11)
  • ​The perfect script for when you want to inject rock hard tension into a conversation… (pg. 25)
  • ​The perfect conversation script to spark undeniable sexual attraction… (pg. 13)
  • ​The perfect line for when you’re kissing her that’ll have her fantasizing what sex with you is like… (pg.34)
  • ​The perfect line to get her thinking about you in her free time, so she’s eagerly waiting for you to text her back… (pg.47).
  • ​The perfect script to turn any boring and platonic conversation sexual, fast… (you’ll never get “friend-zoned” again after saying this) (pg.35)
  • ​The perfect script to subtly imply you’re in demand, so she’s working even harder to “win” you over… (pg.38)
  • ​The perfect script to qualify ANY girl, and get her chasing even harder… (she’ll never see this one coming!) (pg.42)
  • ​The perfect script to invite her back to your place (and have her thinking it was HER idea)… (pg.43)
  • ​The perfect script so you can easily get her number without coming off as needy or creepy (I will warn you, it’s not sexy. It’s not unique. It’s not even creative. which is EXACTLY why it’s so effective)… (pg.53).
  • ​The perfect “compliment” that makes you immediately stand out & naturally makes her hot with anticipation… (Have you seen the video above, on this page?! 😎) (pg.62)
  • ​The perfect script that’ll give her the sudden urge to give you the best blowjob you’ve experienced… (pg.65)
  • ​The perfect line to turn playful banter, into undeniable lust. (pg.65)
  • ​The perfect line for the end of a date that’ll have her begging for a 2nd date… (pg.70)
  • ​The perfect script that’ll have even the most “standoffish” women making the first move on you… (pg.73)
  • ​The perfect script to avoid “awkward silences” for the rest of your life (this is so subtle, nobody will ever catch on to what you’re doing) … (pg.78)
  • ​The perfect line to “test” her attraction level for you (use this whenever a girl tries to “test” you)… (pg.90)

Make Her Want You Component #2:

(WARNING: I cannot legally condone the use of Casanova Conversations to create hot, female stalkers…)

There’s an old video of Neil Strauss (author of “The Game”) on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel… Where he gets ONE shot to attract THE Jessica Alba.

How did it turn out?

With Jessica Alba completely selling herself to Strauss, on national TV – within just 30 seconds!

What people don’t know is Strauss was 5 moves ahead, the entire time. Every word he used fell into a specific conversation “structure” he had entirely memorized, beforehand…

There will come a time in your life where you too meet that “once in a lifetime” type of girl... And when it happens, you’ll only have ONE tiny “window of opportunity” to stand out!

Imagine meeting your celebrity crush tomorrow, and within seconds, she’s hooked on YOU for days, sometimes…even months.

That’s why in this highly guarded video series you’ll discover not one… not two… but TEN powerful routines that take 1-second to start. Last 1-5 minutes. And make you seem so interesting she’s DYING to hear what you say next…

These alone are so powerful, they deserved their own dedicated video series SEPARATE from the scripts I’m giving you inside Words That Make Her Want You.

Consider these the “holy grail” of conversation hooks, because they trigger a bond so deep, she’ll be secretly fantasizing about taking you home, pulling off your jeans and f*cking your brains out – within seconds.

Make Her Want You Component #3:

Did you know 99% of all attractive conversations follow the exact same blueprint?

Yet – for some reason when it comes to conversation, most men are completely clueless.

Even if they learn “what to say” they often find themselves not knowing what to say NEXT… Struggling with where to lead the conversation.

And if you’ve ever felt like having a script or a routine “didn’t work”… It’s because you didn’t have the Seductive Small Talk Blueprint (proven to make mundane “small talk” sexy)!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Seductive Small Talk Blueprint:

  • ​7 “Deadly Sins” of conversation men commit when talking to women (sin #1 is the reason you keep landing in the friendzone)
  • ​The secret conversation “framework” to effortless and free-flowing interactions that make her chase you
  • ​The 5 “Window’s of Opportunity” for you to lead any interaction, with little to no resistance (warning: miss any one of these, and you risk sacrificing your power to her)
  • ​​The 4-step framework scientifically proven to make women want you (on a subconscious level)

In dating, most men are playing checkers. With this Blueprint you’ll playing chess. Always knowing where to lead the conversation next…

Make Her Want You Component #4:

HOW you speak is almost as important (if not more) than “what” you actually say.

That’s why in Silent Seduction Secrets, you’ll gain the ability to read between the lines.

Knowing how to leverage the power of nonverbal communication to create an aura of charisma around you – that draw women to you like a magnet 🧲

You’ll also discover:

  • 3 seductive vocal tonalities proven to get her chasing you
  • ​The #1 non-verbal cue guaranteed to 10X your charisma (if done wrong she will lose attraction for you)
  • ​​5 body language hacks proven to “trigger” the chase in your direction
  • ​The 6 most common “micro expressions” to AVOID when talking to any girl (if you notice any of these, IMMEDIATELY self correct)

Like Neo, you’ll not only SEE the matrix, you’ll be in full control of it.

Make Her Want You Component #5:

Let’s face it… As men, the dating scene is completely stacked against us.

Beautiful women are placed on pedestals every day.

Hollywood teaches us to be romantic. To chase. To confess our feelings…

All in hopes that maybe “one day” she’ll realize you guy are “soul mates”, then you and her will ride off into the sunset, living happily ever after…

The Truth? Hollywood has it all wrong!

Making women want you does NOT come down to being overly romantic, confessing your feelings, or playing hard to get… (Leave that to the mediocre masses of men who continue to get ghosted by girls)

Inside “Bulletproof Buyer Frame” you’ll discover the seduction secrets to ramping up sexual tension, sparking the chase in your direction, and framing yourself as the “buyer” in any interaction WITHOUT sacrificing an ounce of your power.

If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in my last 9+ years of being in the game, it’s this…

Either you’re chasing women… Or they’re chasing you.

Unfortunately 99% of men chase women. Secretly wishing it was the other way around.

Isn’t it about time you got her obsessing
about how to win you over?

As you can see, in Words That Make Here Want You I’m giving you the exact ingredients to turn innocent “small talk” into unforgettable moments that, quite simply, put her under your spell.

And when you have these PROVEN word-for-word scripts to make women want you, on command…

You hold the power in YOUR hands. Dating who you want. On your terms.

And with Words That Make Her Want You in your arsenal, this isn’t some “far off fantasy”

You won’t have to get into shape first. You won’t have to wait until you have ‘X’ amount of $$$ in the bank. You won’t even have to learn through trial-and-error.

This is as easy as knowing what to say, and when to say it. Something that Words That Make Her Want You takes all the guesswork out of!

If You Can Read… Then You Too Can Become A
“Smooth Talker” With The Ladies.

Remember that bootcamp in Vegas I was talking about earlier?

What I didn’t mention is every man in that room paid upwards of $5,000 to be in that room. And that’s not including travel!

All just to have me help them improve their ability to flirt & banter with women.

Heck, up until now, that was the only way for you to get that type of coaching from me!

That’s why I’m super excited for you to join us on the inside.

Isn’t it about time you enjoyed being “single” again?

Right here, right now, I’m gonna give you the keys, so that whenever you meet a new girl, and you’re out on a date or just hanging out, you have the BEST CONVERSATIONS she’s ever had…conversations so good, she physically becomes ADDICTED to them (and you).

And no, you’re not going to pay $5000, or $4000, or $3000, either.

No way. I know they’re worth that and more, but you guys are my brothers, you’re a part of #RawDatingAdvice and goddamnit, every member deserves this kind of f*cking “king of the world” power, game and charm.

And now, you’re going to get it. That is, if I have anything to say about it.

And I do.

Your success is so essential to me, I’m getting this out to as many badasses as possible. That’s why I’m charging less than 10% of what others paid.

Make Women Want You, As Easy As Reciting
Lyrics To Your Favorite Song!

When I was in middle school, I used to memorize the lyrics to my favorite rap songs…

And my mother would always say, “Patrick, why can’t you memorize your schoolwork that well?!”

The truth? Because schoolwork bored me!

Can you relate?

For the same reason some songs get stuck in your head (after hearing it just once), you’ll find each of these scripts so easy to memorize, you’ll almost think you came up with them!

And just like sometimes you FEEL “in the mood” for one song versus another, you’ll intuitively FEEL when the “right time” to bust one of these out is!

Plus, you’ll finally FEEL what it’s like to harness the type of “conversational charm” women actually respond to.

Fast Action Bonus #1:

One Sentence Obsession Switch is scientifically proven to spark feelings of lust, obsession, and (in some cases) love.

This is a step-by-step, immediately actionable video training diving deep into the psychology of attraction and obsession (designed to compliment and speed up the results you’re already getting with Words That Make Her Want You)…

Fast Action Bonus #2:

Most men hand their POWER over to women on a silver platter these days…

That’s why for the fast action takers I’ll throw in a walkthrough of the 12 paradigm-shifting insights to re-claiming your masculine POWER, in a way that women respect & fall for.

Think About Your Dating Life, Up To Now.
And Be Brutally Honest With Yourself…

How many times have you not known “what to talk about next”?

How many women could you have dated, if only you’d said something different?

How many “hinge moments” could have worked out in your favor?

With every passing moment, your chance to finally be the guy who knows exactly what to say to make women want you (and get over $200 worth of girl-getting bonuses, for free) is slipping away…

You’ve already sacrificed so much to get to this point. Don’t you think it’s about time you took matters into your own hands?

Go ahead, now’s the time. While the doors are still open…

Take Mason For Example…

“A month after getting home from the bootcamp, I went to my high school 20 year reunion. Had a great time, connected with a smoking hot blonde that I hadn’t seen since graduation (and barely saw before that, since we hadn’t had any classes together since 7th grade)

I used a couple of the examples Patrick had taught me, and landed the date right before Thanksgiving! We’ve been together ever since.

My friends had never seen me demonstrate any kind of game before, and instead of getting jealous and trying to drag me down they’re all cheering me on. Probably helps that she is fucking cool as shit and everyone I introduce her to falls in love immediately.” – Mason P.

When I first met Mason, he was very insecure about his looks, how much he weighed. This lack of confidence held him back conversationally.

He didn’t have the confidence (much less the “game”) to make women want him, in conversation. Causing most of his conversations to be “platonic” and fizzle out minutes after they started… That’s when he invested in himself, and sought my help to inject fun & flirty energy into his conversations.

Only 2 months later, Mason attended his 20 year high school reunion, where he used what he learned on his high school crush (one of the “popular girls” he never had the courage to talk to before)

Long story short, they started dating, and have been together since.

Or Nick…

Hey Patrick, hope you had an amazing weekend in this crazy new world of ours. On the personal side, me and my girl are going strong… In fact, I think she is the one for me. She has a heart of gold…

Funny how after working with you everything just fell into place. When I look back on my “old” mindset I just shake my head haha. I am so thankful everyday to have found you bro.

I was telling my girl all about you yesterday and how much you helped to transform my life. She loved it. This is us spending the day together yesterday. She says hi haha.

Hope you are good man. Cheers!” –Nick U.

He had just turned 40 and hit rock bottom. And up to that point in his life, he got friendzoned by every woman he genuinely cared about.

That’s when Nick invested in himself, and flew from the Philippine’s just so I could help him improve his ability to make women want him in conversation.

After working with me, Nick was able to create chemistry and connection with a women on demand. Just months later he had landed the girl of his dreams.

Or Matthew…

“Coming out of an 8 year marriage, I had been out of the scene for a while.

I hit a freak out point because I didn’t know anything about dating and I was older… This is when I found Patrick.

My first “Holy Crap” moment was when he taught me all about how to have a “buyer frame” with women. This mentality alone tripled my results right away!

I went on a date with a girl who kept telling me all the way up to the date that she “doesn’t have sex on the first date” …by the end of the night she was taking me home.” – Matthew S.

Matthew had just come out of an 8 year marriage and felt completely clueless (when it came to his dating life).

After going through “Bulletproof Buyer Frame”… Matthew’s results tripled, over night.

He had transformed from a “alone and lost” divorcee… to a stud who had women taking him home by the end of the night.

Matt recently messaged me on Facebook to tell me he’s happily engaged to a NEW woman, he met shortly after joining #RawDatingAdvice.

Look, you already know deep down you want to improve your ability to make women want you in conversation.

You wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t!

But just in case you’re still on the fence, let me make this super clear…

Words That Make Her Want You May NOT Be for You If:

  • You think it’s impossible for guys like you to attract beautiful women.
  • You believe it all comes down to being a woman’s type (something you can’t do anything about).
  • You refuse to admit that having go-to “scripts” you can whip out when the moment calls for it, is a massive advantage in dating.
  • ​You plan to use these “words” proven to make women want you, unethically or immorally.
  • ​You would rather chase women, and use “romance” to guilt women into liking you. (Hint: If this worked, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now, would you?)
  • ​You think you already know everything there is to know about “dating” and think there isn’t any room for improvement.

Words That Make Her Want Is Definitely For You If:

  • You’ve struggled in the past with “running out of things to say” and want consistent & predictable ways to always say the “right” thing.
  • Your conversations with women are usually platonic, and never lead to dates or physical intimacy.
  • You already have some level of dating success, and are looking for the “slight edge” over your competition.
  • ​Or… You have very little of success in dating, and want to jumpstart your ability to attract women (with zero guesswork, or trial-and-error)
  • ​You have an open mind, and are willing to try unconventional & outside-the-box ways to get results you want in dating.
  • ​You’re coachable, and take action when you learn some potentially life-changing advice.

Over The Years, 29,000+ Men Have Come to Know Me as The “Attraction Expert” for Men.

After all, I did write the #1 book on attracting women, to ever hit the market! (see: 107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl)

So trust me when I say this…

Words That Make Her Want You is hands down the most effective & comprehensive program I’ve ever created for having “attractive conversations” on command.

And since this program involves time-tested scripts, lines and routines that are 100% unique to me, and me alone… This is a NO brainer!

Because if you don’t join us on the inside, you’ll never know if these scripts can work for you or not!

Do you really want to risk not having these in your arsenal?

Just to recap, you’ll get:


93 pages containing 40+ of my go-to word-for-word scripts & Routines that make women want you.

The Casanova Conversations

TEN powerful routines that take 1-second to start. Last 1-5 minutes. And make you seem so interesting she’s DYING to hear what you say next…

Seductive Small Talk Blueprint

The conversation framework that makes “small talk” sexy.

Silent Seduction Secrets

The body language and vocal tonality secrets of seduction to create an aura of charisma around you – and draw women to you like a magnet.

Bulletproof Buyer Frame

The seduction secrets to ramping up sexual tension, sparking the chase in your direction, and framing yourself as the “buyer” in any interaction WITHOUT sacrificing an ounce of your power.

12 Insights Into The Female Mind

12 paradigm-shifting insights to re-claiming your masculine POWER, in a way that women respect & fall for.

One Sentence Obsession Switch

This is a step-by-step, immediately actionable video training diving deep into the psychology of attraction and obsession

Any ONE Of These Trainings Alone, Could Move The Needle Forward For Your Dating Life (As Soon As Tonight)…

Yet when you hop inside Words That Make her Want You today, you get all of them. My way of really overdelivering here, because I TRULY do value your success.

This is how you get a leg up on the competition, and ensure you never shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to “talking to women” ever again.

So what’s the hold up?

One Day Soon, You Will Meet A Girl Who
Sweeps You Off Your Feet…

I don’t know how. I don’t know when. I just know it WILL happen.

And when it does, you’ll only have ONE shot to make yourself stand out.

In that moment, will you crumble under the pressure of “what to say” like most men?

Resort to some utterly unmemorable, uncreative, platonic patter she’s heard from almost every guy before you?

Or will you rise to the occasion?

The choice is yours.

But whatever you choose, you’ll have to live with that decision for the rest of your life.

As you can see by now, this is not some B.S. course I’m offering…

This Is A Life-Changing Adventure You’re About To Experience.

  • You deserve to know what it feels like to be out on a Friday night and casually hit up a stunner, like it’s no big deal, and be making out with her 5 minutes later…
  • You deserve to know what it’s like to have the hottest girl you’ve ever met, staring deep into your eyes, wondering if you’re her “soul mate”…
  • You deserve to know the POWER of sparking conversations so engaging and memorable, she’s dying to see you again…

These experiences are what I want for you. This is EXACTLY what I want for every guy in my tribe.

And I’m gonna push you and prod you and kick you in the ass, until you follow my lead.

Are we straight about that?

Because I *KNOW* what’s on the other side of that buy button you see below…

A Life For You Unimagined… Until Now.

Your time is now.

You already know deep down your conversations with women could be more attractive, memorable, and engaging.

And you’re clearly motivated to improve your conversations with women… you wouldn’t still be reading this page if you weren’t!

Yet we both also know what happens after today if you don’t take this leap of faith…

Do you really want to leave future conversations up to chance, knowing you passed up this opportunity?

Remember this:

The man on the mountain didn’t land there.

This is your fast-track to success with women.

See you at the top.

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James - Raw Dating Advice

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James - Raw Dating Advice
Patrick James

Words That Make Her Want You By Patrick James – Raw Dating Advice, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1. The Scripts
  • 2. Seductive Small Talk Blueprint
  • 3. Bulletproof Buyer Frame
  • 4. Silent Seduction Secrets
  • 5. Casanova Conversations
  • 6. Exclusive Bonuses
  • 0. Words That Make Her Want You.pdf