Advanced Risk Reversals And Rolling Thunder
  • Advanced Risk Reversals And Rolling Thunder

Advanced Risk Reversals And Rolling Thunder

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Advanced Risk Reversals and Rolling Thunder

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Traders like a deal, whether it is buying a condor for a credit or saving money on education. Act like a PRO and save money by investing in both manuals.

This is the most enjoyable portion of our website to create as we get to brag without being arrogant.

First of all…

We only hire retired floor traders and large fund managers as instructors.

Who would you want to learn from?  We believe that people with a strong desire to succeed only want to learn from the best. One can go to a community college for next to nothing, but people still line up to pay $70,000 a year to go to Harvard for a reason.


We create materials with step-by-step criteria (recipes).

Anyone can say “to buy a call vertical, you simply buy the lower strike call and sell the higher strike call…”.  This extra-remedial information can be found all over the internet for free, and we are creating our own FREE version right now. You sometimes get what you pay for, but we don’t think quality introductory option material should cost anything.

Once someone learns what a call or put is, then things become real. After you learn what a collar trade is, for example, what do you do? What strikes does one buy and sell, what expiration month, how much does one pay, when do you close the trade, etc.  You know… the important stuff! The criteria we create helps students learn to decide what the most important details to focus on are.

The third reason being…

Our lead instructor has taught many, many thousands of students in option trading for over 20 years (education portion).  He has also spent time on all three Exchange floors in Chicago (CME, CBOT and CBOE) with primary focus on the S&P 500 (SPX), S&P 100 (OEX) options and IBM options (trading portion). Some firms may have a trader roaming the halls, and most trading education companies have “speakers” teaching.  Our lead instructor has his time divided in half doing both.

And the last, but definitely not the least…

In our Practical Option Tactics class, we meet every Wednesday night at 7:00pm eastern where we combine learning new topics by finding a paper trade example that is used to demonstrate how the strategy works. Unlike most firms that show their winning paper trades, we show everything – winners and losers. One can usually learn more from losing trades than winning trades. We know of no other education company that is willing to pull back the screen to show the Mighty Oz. Full disclosure promotes trust. We also feel that loses can be learned from as much as winners, so why hide them?

CONTACT US NOW for a recent running total of trades for the current year.

We never talked about the competition in Stratagem Trading, as we believe we do not have one in this business. It is not arrogance; it is simply our business model— to invest in your success, not focus on sales.

Great doctors come from great schools; great chefs use the best ingredients. The best trading education companies only have the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors – not professional speakers that look good in a suit.