Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony
  • Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

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Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony – Instant Download!

Blog Money Blueprint

Do you want to make $15,000 a month with just a few hours of work each week?
Do you want to finally live free from your asshole employer?

Do you want to finally be your own renaissance man in a new world?

If your answer is “yes” to any of them, this blog money blueprint review is your key to the gates of heaven.

Quick overview
Before we dive deeper, since Jon is a good friend, he offered me a special coupon code for YOU, my dear readers. 20% off his already affordable course. But that’s not all. I decided to throw my courses in as well. You get the Blog Money Blueprint 20% off, PLUS my courses FREE on top. The IMPETUS Course, the IMPERATOR Course (only available within the League of Shadows), and my bestselling book the Unchained Man.

Now, let’s have a quick overview of what we’re talking about.

The Course is called Blog Money Blueprint and was created by Jon Anthony from

And there is already your proof of work. His blog generates about $15,000 a month (!) or even more. He shares his revenue online, so it’s not bullshit.

I could stop the post right here because this is honestly enough proof, but I know you guys are hesitant about buying courses since there are a lot of scammers out there.

This is why I will give you a peek behind the curtain and show some details of the course itself. Don’t tell Jon, though.

What is in Blog Money Blueprint (a list)
This list is NOT exhaustive. There is much more in it, but it’ll give you a quick overview.

Module 1: Running a blog mindset. CEO of your own company
Module 2: Finding a profitable niche, creating your blog, monetizing it
Module 3: Deeper dive into profitable niches, 3 most profitable niches of all time, examples
Module 4: How to build a blog from scratch
Module 5: How to monetize it, affiliate marketing, your own products, coaching
Module 6: How to Write articles that rank and pay
Module 7: How to get 100,000+ new readers on autopilot, best ways to grow your blog
Module 8: Understanding Lead Acquisition
Module 9: The ULTIMATE SEO Masterclass (that’s a big one)
Module 10: How to write eBooks that sell
Module 11: Affiliate Advertising Masterclass
Module 12: Important WordPress Plugins you need
Bonus Module 1: Step-by-step guide to start your blog in under 15 minutes
Bonus Module 2: The ULTIMATE Guide to getting backlinks (VERY important!)
Bonus Module 3: Black Hat SEO and how to use it without getting banned
Bonus Module 4: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Bonus Module 5: Affiliate Marketing Masterclass
Bonus Module 6: Tools that help you achieve

Quite the list, right?

Yes, the course has HOURS of video content. I think it contains about 100 videos. This is why I keep saying that this course has EVERYTHING you could ever need for blogging.

It is the course I constantly come back to for ideas and tips. I watched it multiple times, and my own blog 10x’d easily after implementing Blog Money Blueprint!

A deeper dive into Blog Money Blueprint

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

With this course and dedication you will create your own money printer.
This course is the foundation of your future empire. The whole world is shifting, with COVID more so than ever. Most people now work from home.

But here is a question for you:

If you can work from home, what stops your employer from just getting a dude from India who does your work for a third of your salary?

He saves office space and salary on you.

This is why building your own online empire is vitally important. Everything moves into the cloud, you need to be there already! And you need to be safe to not be laid off so quickly!

Blog Money Blueprint helps you achieve that.

Is blogging dead?

I’ve heard this question way too many times and in recent years. Yes, there was a downfall in people’s excitement about blogging.

However, this quickly changed with COVID.

Not just because people are seeking fulfillment and starting their own business online, but also because the average person slowly realizes they cannot trust the mainstream media.

Even worse, they are manipulated by it.

Free and personally run blogs and websites are massively on the rise again because they – funnily enough – now carry more credibility than mainstream media outlets.

So it is far from dead. If anything, it is seeing a renaissance these days.

However, there is one thing I add: Definitely make videos. 50% of people online watch video content every day, over 70% do so on a weekly basis.

Since video content is so easily accessible, you definitely need to create video content alongside your blog.

Who is Jon Anthony?

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

This man runs A very successful blog about masculinity, mindset, wealth, and getting jacked (and laid).

He has a broad spectrum of topics he talks about, even going into spiritual spheres sometimes or testing crazy rare supplements like Kratom to stop premature ejaculation.

He does a lot of reviews and writes for the people which is why this blog is so successful.

He has been doing it for 6 years and is making 6-figures a year with his blog. The man knows his trade.

Do I really need this course?

Great question.

Any course always works the same: It massively accelerates your success.

All the knowledge can be found online for free, except for personal experiences of course. But for example, the SEO module you can learn online. There are many sources for this.

However, this takes forever to get all the info yourself, make all the mistakes he and I made, and learn the lessons.

Courses are always designed to give you lessons-learned quickly and concise, so you don’t waste too much time.

You want to make money quickly, right? Not in three years?

I have spent many Dollars online on useless and pointless courses. I am a bit “burned” when it comes to this kind of thing. Just too many scammers. Naturally, I was hesitant at first.

That hesitation vanished quickly.

You don’t need any other info. Blog Money Blueprint has it all. It covers everything you need to run a successful blog. It is the ULTIMATE blogging guide.

The Blog Money Blueprint Review

Let’s get into a deeper look and my personal review of the course.

I got this course when I had already started my blog. So while the modules on creating a blog weren’t really relevant for me, they still had helpful info, tools I wasn’t aware of, and ideas to add to my blog.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, Blog Money Blueprint has you set up.

The biggest benefit of the course in my opinion is how to generate passive income via Google, I.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Email Marketing is important, social media is important, and it’s all covered as well in the course. But one thing I noticed from having 16,000 followers on Twitter is this, it’s usually the same people that come to your blog.

Nothing wrong with that, but they can only buy so much from you.

If you want to scale your income, you need recurring unique visitors. And this is where SEO shines, and where Blog Money Blueprint has a HUGE module on the topic.

SEO is a beast, and people run complete agencies selling it to others as a service. But in the beginning, you cannot afford $1,000 a month for an SEO agency (which is even on the cheap side).

The basics have to be done by yourself. Blog Money Blueprint helped me TRIPLE my traffic in just under 2 months.

  • You will learn the basics of backlinks, which are the key to getting more traffic. How to get them, what to do.
  • How to outrank big websites with niche blogs.
  • Hidden secrets of SEO most people ignore
  • How to start ranking even with lower Domain Authority
  • Keyword research so you write good ranking posts from the beginning

Imagine a constant stream of new eyes on your blog. And if you run proper hooks to get people on your email list, so you can sell to them later, you’re making big bucks in no time!

How to create digital products on auto-pilot

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

A peek behind the curtain of this fantastic course!

This is another truly helpful module in the course.

While affiliate marketing is good to start, the big money is in your own products. If people enjoy your writings and yourself, they want to buy stuff directly from your pen.

Jon is selling thousands of his eBooks and courses already on his blog. Who else would be better to learn from?

In this module, you will learn how to write awesome eBooks that sell like butter. How to create them quickly without being a pro-writer, and still getting a ton of positive results from it.

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony

I have written eBooks before I got his course and sold them quite successfully online. It’s just fascinating to me how you still learn something new even though you already managed success with it.

This way I could improve my existing books even more (better selling titles for example), and run better promotions on my blog and social media.

The Traffic-Maximizer Module

There are many modules within the Blog Money Blueprint where he talks about increasing traffic. After all, this is a key component to getting more visitors and thus more potential sales.

However, he covers the whole range of methods to get this done.

From just simple backlinks via Medium, to blogging networks, to guest posting, and even how to get backlinks from BIG sites which massively boost your website.

He also covers what to be aware of and what not to do.

Things that might hurt your ranking or lose you backlinks.

You even learn how to be PAID directly to get backlinks which additionally improve your ranking and thus makes MORE money.

Again, multiplying, maximizing, 10x’ing your results. This is the main theme of Blog Money Blueprint.


There is so much more I could talk about. We only covered about a fourth of the content, and I didn’t even go deep (I don’t want to spoil it all!).

As I mentioned, not only did it absolutely maximize my success with my blog, I still come back to that course on a daily basis. It’s an open tab in my browser almost all the time.

Always something new to learn.

Something else to add.

A new idea I could implement.

Improvement never stops.

This is true for my personal development, as well as for the development of my blog.

If you want to be in the same position, living freely, from anywhere in the world, “working” a few hours a day on your blog, and making big bucks, then Blog Money Blueprint is your course.

It’s a one-time investment that EASILY gives you 100x in return. And some.

Will you miss out on this opportunity? Keep working on your shitty job you actually despise?

Or will you FINALLY grab destiny and FORTUNA by the balls and take this opportunity to become a free man?

Your choice.

Blog Money Blueprint By Jon Antony, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-The Blogtrepreneur’s Mindset
  • 02-The 5 Step Blogging Blueprint (Overview)
  • 03-How to Find A Profitable Niche For Your Blog
  • 04-How to Build Your Blog From Scratch
  • 05-How to Monetize Your Blog
  • 06-How to Write Articles That Rank & Pay
  • 07-How I Get 100,000+ New Readers Each Month On Auto-Pilot
  • 08-Understanding Lead Acquisition to 10x Your Profits
  • 09-The Ultimate White Hat SEO Masterclass
  • 10-The Digital Products Auto-Pilot Guide
  • And more…