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  • Get It Done By Hey U Human

Get It Done By Hey U Human


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Get It Done By Hey U Human

Get It Done

The Doing Energy. Overcome procrastination with ease. Tap into energy where DOING exists with flow.

It’s time to break through procrastination and tap into the creative energy where work is done with ease. At Hey U Human, we call it The Doing Energy. This is the energy that exists when you are accomplishing something with ease, flow and alignment. You are so tuned in to your desires that you literally can’t be stopped. In this powerful workshop you will learn:

  • how to conquer literally anything in a way that flows and feels amazing;
  • how to get into an energy where everything you do happens perfectly, efficiently and effortlessly;
  • how to break down the barriers standing between you and your goals and remove the things that are holding you back;
  • systems, processes, and techniques that overcome procrastination and generate real results in EVERY aspect of your life;
  • our step-by-step process of getting to the core of what is stopping you from doing the things you desire to do to change your life;
  • how to move past energy blocks FOR GOOD and get into The Doing Energy and get the damn thing done;
  • how to actually experience and enjoy the process of working instead of having to “push through it.”
    This pre-recorded course is for you if….
  • You have something on your list that you have been dying to accomplish but can’t seem to cross the finish line.
  • You have started and stopped something a million times and you are ready to make it stick.
  • You have a goal or an idea inside of you that is dying to come out but you just don’t know where to start.
  • You are tired of spinning in the cycle of inaction and are ready to move forward, progress and keep that momentum going.
  • You have a burning desire to accomplish something but you keep spinning your wheels and never make any progress.
  • You are tired of doing, doing, doing but nothing ever seems to get DONE.

In 2 modules, Sara is going to show you how to ignite that fire, crush procrastination, tap into The Doing Energy so you can finally GET IT DONE!

(whatever ‘it’ is for you)

In this powerful workshop we are going to come together and crush through all the excuses, limitations, and blocks standing between you and your goals.

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  • Module 1 – Day 1
  • Module 2 – Day 2
  • Module 3 – Bonus Material
  • Taking It Deeper