Paul James – DialHawk Training
  • Paul James – DialHawk Training

Paul James – DialHawk Training | Instant Download !

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Paul James – DialHawk Training | Instant Download !


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Paul James is the #1 bestselling author of Reverse Engineer Your Future: Stop Waiting for Success — Go Out and Make It Happen Now.
He is a widely respected leader in the country’s new generation of Internet entrepreneurs with a passion for pushing the boundries of what’s possible.

Course Curriculum

Start Here
StartHow To Get Help / Support! (2:00)
Configuring DialHawk
StartWelcome To DialHawk (General Settings) (2:22)
StartMailing Integration (11:58)
StartPayment Integration (1:13)
StartTwilio Integration (3:29)
StartCreating A New Campaign (3:33)
StartBuy or Import Phone Numbers (9:50)
StartCampaign Number Swapping (8:15)
StartQuick Call Forms (4:29)
StartReporting Walk Through (5:19)
StartHow To Use Invoicing (2:40)
StartSwitching From Another Call Tracking Services (keep your numbers) (4:15)
Pay Per Call Profits (Bonus Course On Ranking Websites)
StartIntroduction and Case Study (7:14)
StartPicking A Low Competition Niche & Area (16:16)
StartWhich SEO Strategy Is Best For Pay Per Call Sites? (1:29)
StartA Quick Lesson About Google Maps (16:52)
StartHow To Setup Google Search Console (2:33)
StartPicking Out Easy Keywords (9:22)
StartCreating A Site (BONUS WordPress Theme) (12:15)
StartWebsite Optimization Part 1 (4:17)
StartWebsite Optimization Part 2 (23:09)
StartWebsite Optimization Part 3 (1:48)
StartCreating A Social Media Presence (6:29)
StartHow To Use Local Directories (9:01)
StartGetting Started With Backlinking (9:27)
StartHow To Land Your First Pay Per Call or Rank & Rent Client EASILY (4:41)
Case Study
StartIntroduction (1:46)
StartNiche Selection & Competitive Analysis (16:55)
StartPicking Out Keywords (11:02)
StartBuilding Out The Site (45:48)
StartOn Page SEO (39:17)
StartPutting Together A Content Plan (14:17)
StartFinding Links & Assessing Rankings (23:26)
Start30 Day Update $700/m! (9:02)
Where To Find Clients Willing To Pay For Calls
StartWhat Kind of Client Should You Go After? (4:09)
StartSite 1: Thumbtack (3:45)
StartSite 2: Home Advisor (4:07)
StartSite 3: Groupon (2:52)
StartSite 4: Living Social (2:05)
StartEmail Template (2:54)
StartEmail Tracking Trick (2:19)
StartLoom Prospecting (3:30)
StartProposal Templates