Social Fresh 2021 – Virtual Conference
  • Social Fresh 2021 – Virtual Conference

Social Fresh 2021 – Virtual Conference

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Social Fresh 2021 – Virtual Conference – Instant Download!

Social Fresh 2021 - Virtual Conference

Social Fresh is the only social media conference made for the social media practitioners.

25 minutes
Audience First = Audience Growth: How Shopify Reset Their Social Strategy
Shopify made a major shift in how we thought about social media two years ago. We redefined our audience as a community, not just a following. In this session, you’ll learn how to think about social media strategy from an audience-first approach rather than a message-first. When you treat social as an ecosystem of its own with a social-specific tone and voice catered for individual channels and audiences — you scale your ability to reach and engage new audiences.
— Saad Khan, Shopify
45 minutes
Follow Worthy: Sustainable Social Media Audience Growth [PANEL]
Growing your social media follower count is a constant challenge that requires a clear purpose, a strong value proposition, and creativity. Learn how you can more consistently increase your audience reach through clear messaging, dynamic creative, and campaign ideas that break through the online noise.
— Tatiana Holifield, Hulu
— Ish Verduzco, Crave It
— Kozza Babumba, Genius
— Danisha Lomax, Digitas
27 minutes
Leveraging The Story Format To Increase Your Audience Reach
Stories are a meaningful social content format that now receive prominent placement on almost every major social network. Google’s developer social media team saw a 4X lift in reach after implementing a new stories content approach. In this session, you’ll learn how a successful cross-platform stories strategy can magnify your reach and engage new audiences.
— Anna Gonzalez, Google

22 minutes
For The Culture: How Your Voice Powers Successful Social Media
Culture is amorphous. When we talk about evoking culture through content, we’re talking about clarity. Clarity of how your company values translate to the people you want to connect with. In this session you’ll learn what tactics can best help you define the culture you represent to your audience. This includes a focus on values, copywriting, alignment with trends, and defining where you stand on important issues.
— Chaia Raibon, Lyft
45 minutes
Engaging The Modern Social Media Audience Requires Emotion [PANEL]
Quality social media creative that taps into emotion is what drives your audience to actually click like, type a comment, or reshare your content. To engage. It’s more important than ever not just to have a social presence but for brands to have something to say and to be memorable. Join this panel of leading social brands as we discuss what actually creates engagement among today’s consumers.
— Megan Coyne, New Jersey
— Azad Yakatally, Attentive
— Pri Maheshwari, Stash
— Zontee Hou, Media Volery
30 minutes
Accelerating Your Social Video Engagement With Data [INTERVIEW]
Attention is the ultimate currency. And video is the focus of today’s online consumer. Video can be the centerpiece of your entire marketing strategy, but you have to know more about where to best engage – or reengage – your audiences. In this interview, Nick Cicero, VP of Strategy at Conviva, will discuss the latest trends in streaming and social video, and how to understand the entire customer journey so you can optimize everything from audience analytics and content engagement to ad spend and marketing ROI.
— Nick Cicero, Conviva
— Jason Keath, Social Fresh
45 minutes
How To Build Social Community That Drives Business Goals [PANEL]
When you make your customer, and other stakeholders, the hero of your social media efforts, you become relatable. You create investment. You build community. And people remember. Learn how top brands build intentional communities that grow, are engaged, and help drive real business results.
— Christina Garnett, HubSpot
— Evan Hamilton, Reddit
— Karla Fung, UC Davis
— Marjorie Anderson, Community by Association
— Kara Cronin, Facebook
30 minutes
The Business of Belonging [Interview]
The rise of the internet has brought with it an inexorable, almost shockingly persistent drive toward community. From the first social networks to the GameStop trading revolution, engaged communities have shown the ability to transform industries. Businesses need to harness that power. Join this expert discussion to learn how the successful brands of tomorrow will create authentic connection, giving customers a sense of real belonging and unlocking unprecedented scale as a result.
— David Spinks, Bevy / CMX
— Nicole D’Alonzo, Social Fresh

25 minutes
Feeding The Content Calendar Monster: More Content Ideas, Less Stress
Did you know there’s a National Stapler Appreciation Day? Unless you’re an office supply company, you probably should not know this. And it should never touch your content calendar. But you do need ideas that are relevant to your audience, and as a social media pro, you need a ton of these ideas. In this session, Jason will walk you through his creative process for keeping the content calendar monster fed and happy, giving you more content ideas and a more repeatable process.
— Jason Keath, Social Fresh
23 minutes
The TikTok Street Team: A Student-Run Experiment With Minimal Millennial Supervision
The UC Davis TikTok channel is for students, by students — and launched in alignment with UC Davis’ admissions cycles. Learn how a strategy exclusively centered around Generation Z can drive powerful results and get a first-hand look at the nuts and bolts of managing a TikTok channel where content is exclusively produced by creative students, while still accomplishing university goals.
— Teddi Tostanoski, UC Davis
25 minutes
How To Get More Out Of Your User-Generated Content
In this session we’ll talk about driving different forms of UGC (photos, reviews, videos, guest blogs) by building relationships, using engagement, and asking the questions that push users to participate. In the COVID-19 year, UGC provided unique pictures and often a vital source of images when photoshoots were not safe. But, quality content informed by your audience and stakeholders is a long term opportunity for social proof, making your brand more relatable, and facilitating inclusive storytelling.
— Sydnee Logan, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
26 minutes
Understanding The Impact of Social Media Accessibility
Individuals with sensory impairments have to navigate social media differently than other users. As social media professionals, there are things we can do to make content more accessible to all users – and increasing that accessibility can help your content be even more effective. Learn how easy it is to make social media content accessible, including inclusive emoji usage, alt text best practices, the proper way to write hashtags, and better video caption techniques.
— Alexa Heinrich, St. Petersburg College
30 minutes
Where Does the Social Audio Trend Go Next? [Interview]
First Clubhouse took 2020 by storm, and then everyone else followed. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and dozens of other apps are investing in audio chatrooms. How should brands think strategically about this new format? What can we learn from trends that came before social audio? And is social audio here for the long haul? Join this expert discussion and get your questions answered
— Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz
— Jason Keath, Social Fresh

25 minutes
Data Is The Key To Removing Chaos From Your Social Role
Social media professionals can take advantage of performance data to cut down on busywork, decrease last-minute requests, get a seat at the decision-maker table, and better reach internal and external goals. In this session, you’ll learn how to use data to cut unnecessary work challenges or chaos, empower you to create better boundaries, make more time to be creative, and remove internal roadblocks that impact external success.
— Adrienne Sheares, ViviMae Labs
22 minutes
Gamechanger: The Imperative of Building Your Own Content Library
Building a content archive of content assets and tactics that anyone can pull from, and learn from, can greatly improve your social media marketing results. And make your life easier. Having an easily searchable reference of photos, graphics, videos, filters, emojis, and captions is essential to your success in social. In this session, you’ll learn how we did this at Opry, along with all the tools, tactics, and steps you need to build your own impressive content library.
— Jennifer Crim, Opry Entertainment Group
23 minutes
Your Content Series Plan: Atomize, Amplify, and Promote
Serial content increases the time and quality of engagement your brand can spend with customers. Whether it’s a YouTube series, a podcast, or a live experience, the “build it and they will come” strategy rarely bears fruit. In this session you’ll learn how to build in your promotion strategy along with the production of your content series, how to atomize your content to reach a larger audience, and key tactics for sustainable audience building.
— Katie Parkes, Shopify
25 minutes
How To Protect Your Brand In An Age of Rampant Misinformation and Toxic Online Behavior
If you’re a digital marketer today, you already know misinformation and toxic online behavior are a given. Knowing where you can advertise your brand message and be confident it will be 100% safe is a challenge. No platform is 100% safe, but inroads are being made and in the most unexpected of places. Join Meg Haley to hear the reasons to believe.
— Meg Haley, Twitter

Is This Conference Right For Me?
Social Fresh 2021 is social media training built for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. Attendees return year after year for inspiring and actionable training, presented by the smartest folks in the industry. The experience is world-class, the marketing lessons are always FRESH, and you’ll leave with a clear path for how to move your social media to the next level!
Attendees include B2B and B2C companies, Fortune 500 brands, Agencies, Small Business Owners, Startups, Freelancers, Government, Finance, Higher Ed, Retail, and Nonprofit

Marketing Professionals
You’re a social media manager or you’re managing social from a marketing, PR, or comms department. Bottom line is you want your social content to stand out, get results, and not take forever to produce. Our sessions focus on these clear, actionable results.
You’re managing social media for multiple clients in unique industries with different goals. You need new ideas. You need to save time while still producing great social media content. Social Fresh is packed with great creative examples and deep dives into process.
You’re a business owner or running social media for a new startup. You need to grow an audience, perfect your brand voice, and drive customers. Presentations from top brands will focus on these topics and give you clear steps for how to fulfill your social media goals.

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