Thao Armstrong – Buttercream Cake Mastery
  • Thao Armstrong – Buttercream Cake Mastery

Thao Armstrong – Buttercream Cake Mastery


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Thao Armstrong – Buttercream Cake Mastery

The Complete Buttercream Cake System That Will Empower You To Accomplish What You’ve Always Thought Was Undoable.

Learn from an Industry Leader

  • ACDN Best Teacher Award (Australian Cake Decorating Network)
  • Judge on Melbourne’s Great Architectural Baking Competition
  • Judge on The Cake Professionals Awards UK
  • 100+ physical cake decorating workshops conducted
    (in London, Singapore, Auckland, Medan, Melbourne & Sydney)
  • Creator of the Concrete Cake

Hey there

I’m Thao, founder of Don’t Tell Charles, creator of the original Concrete Cake and a leader in the contemporary buttercream cake movement in Australia and across the world. I am well known for my unique buttercream cake designs and no-fuss, time saving systems and processes.

Here’s the thing, cake decorating has been made to seem complicated in some areas when it doesn’t need to be. My approach to baking and cake decorating or anything else in my life really, revolves around maximising efficiency. I always look for the simplest, quickest way possible. Now this is not the same as cutting corners. This is about working smart.

Why Working Smart Matters

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Regardless of what stage you’re at in your cake making journey, whether you’re just starting out, learning, developing your own style or already a well trained professional, you have the same 24 hours in a day as I do, and as the person next to you. How much you can achieve within that 24 hours depends greatly on how long you take to complete one or multiple tasks. The maths is simple:

Less time spent working = more time for family, personal care, sleep, relaxation, you name it etc.

If you own a cake business or are wanting to start one, from a business perspective:

Less time spent on a task = less cost & more profit

So how do you go about spending less time working? You employ efficient recipes, techniques and processes.

This is where I can help.

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