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The Hedge Bundle By SpotGamma Academy: For Profitable Options Trading

The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma Academy guides you on everything you need to get ahead in the options trading market. The step-by-step guidelines are combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples. Thus, you can better understand the frameworks, in terms of the situations they should be applied and how to carry out in the real trading market.

Brief Overview Of The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma Academy:

  • Junior Trader
    • Stocks and Options
    • Options Pricing
    • Options Value
    • Options Chain
  • Senior Trader
    • Delta
    • Gamma
    • Vega
    • Greeks Combined
  • Portfolio Manager
    • Term structure
    • Skew
    • Trading Strategies
    • Advanced Strategies
    • SpotGamma Key Levels
    • Second Order Greeks

What Is Inside The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma?

  • Junior Trader
    • How to see through the profit profiles through the in-depth analysis of call and put options.
    • How to gain insights into the variables for the identification of an options price.
    • The differences between intrinsic and time value.
    • How to understand an options chain and have comparisons between pricings of different strikes and maturities.
  • Senior Trader:
    • How to assess each of the key Greeks and how they help risk management.
    • The importance of rule market makers on stock price movement by Delta hedging.
    • How to spot differences among realized and implied volatility and the Greeks associated with each.
    • How to employ multi-dimensional scenarios to identify price, time and volatility for the projection of options value.
  • Portfolio Manager:
    • How to decode the shape of the term structure.
    • How to gain insights into implied volatility and its application to VIX futures.
    • How to evaluate volatility skew, so that you can get it through for risk management in a certain asset.
    • How to utilize  second order Greeks, such as Vanna and Charm, and its impacts on dealer positioning and markets.
    • How to apply spreads, ratios and butterflies to real trading.
    • How to deal with trading volatility and skew through straddles and collars.
    • How to determine and trade gamma squeezes.

About SpotGamma Academy

SpotGamma Academy Library Of Trader

SpotGamma Academy was founded by Brent Kochuba, providing financial insights for higher earnings and lower losses. With the aid of years working in many organizations, such as Wolverine Execution, Credit Suisse and Bank of America, he has vast knowledge and experience in the financial events and the impacts on trend formation and changes. The content of SpotGamma Academy shares such realistic vibes with the blending between theories and real world. The Hedge Bundle you gain here is powered by Options Insight. And the man behind its development is Imran Lakha.

For further information about The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma Academy, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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