The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent
  • The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent

The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent


Author: Jay Vincent
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The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent – Instant Download!

The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent
The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent

Train like a fitness model


Your best body is waiting for you here, all you need to do is apply the right stimulus, in the right exercises with the right techniques.

Forget all the procrastination and the hopping and skipping from one routine to the next just hoping the next one will somehow magically produce the results you are looking for.

Forget too about programs that would have you do endless hours of workouts that can never really fit with your lifestyle, nor produce the results you would expect from dedicating so much of your valuable time. No one has time to waste nowadays.

“But surely” you ask, “the fitness models you see on Instagram, on stage and adorning the pages of glossy magazines spend hours a week, if not per day on honing their physiques?”

Jay Vincent is here to show you that you don’t have to use up all your energy or waste all that time; you can study, have a career, family commitments and a social life, and get your Ultimate Physique too- just like Jay does!


HIT has been around in one form or another since the 70s- tried, tested, refined and repeatedly proven since then. Jay is a leading figurehead of a new generation of HITers and he is committed to spreading the message that this is the only approach you need to build muscle, ‘get ripped’ and stay healthy. Here are some of his core principles:

INTENSITY: The importance of intensity and the need to break through homeostasis: How reaching a temporary state of momentary muscle failure during each exercise will ensure your muscles respond. Learn how Jay applies intensity for results.

STIMULUS: The absolute requirement to call your fast twitch or type II fibers into action- stimulating these muscle fibers is essential for growth. Jay shows you how to keep tension on your target muscles throughout each exercise to maximise the impact of your workouts.

NUMBER OF SETS: The perfect number of sets to perform: one per exercise. Many trainers will have you doing multiple sets of each exercise, often including many wasted sets that do nothing to stimulate growth but plenty to eat into your time and recovery. Jay reveals how and why doing one set his way is better than performing any other number of sets. Get it right the first time and you are on to the next exercise whilst others are still flailing around with their first. By the time they are halfway through their routine, inflicting unnecessary wear and tear, you are out the door and getting on with your life, already reaping the rewards.

RECOVERY: Jay details why recovery is essential for muscle growth, how too much exercise is your enemy- it can make you both smaller and weaker. Jay explains when you follow his Ultimate Physique workout program you will leave at least 48 hours between workouts- and yes, this is essential for success. Jay also highlights the importance of one of his key secrets to muscle growth success: sleep. You will learn how to know when you are best ready to perform another growth stimulating workout and whether you should be working out three-times, twice or even just once a week.

The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent


Your Instructor: Jay Vincent

Jay Vincent is a published fitness model, bodybuilder and former college athlete.
Jay discovered HIT during his search to find the most effective way to build a world class physique during his journey towards becoming a fitness model.
He owns two personal training studios in New York instructing HIT workouts to people of all ages and physical conditions.
His mission is to show the world that HIT principles are the most effective, safe and time efficient way for people to improve not only their physiques, but their health and fitness too.



The Ultimate HIT Home Workout By Jay Vincent what is it included: ( Content proof: Watch here! )

1. Introductions & Key Principles

2. The Exercises

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