TTC Forex University By Steven
  • TTC Forex University By Steven

TTC Forex University By Steven


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TTC Forex University By Steven – Instant Download!

“If You Want To Skip The Black Hole Of YouTube Video Searches And Go Straight To PRO FOREX TRADER”

– I am looking for struggling traders that are ready to step away from the blackhole of YouTube Searches and fake IG gurus and go straight to PRO FOREX TRADING

TTC Forex University By Steven

1 – Basics Mastery Course

2 – Technical Analysis Mastery Course

3 – Strategy Mastery Course

4 – Backtesting Mastery Course

5 – Risk Management Mastery Course

6 – Trading Psychology Mastery Course

7 – Trading Plan Mastery Course

The Last Forex Course You Will Ever Need…

“What you will learn in the TTC Forex University is exaclty what I taught a trader named Matt from Australia.”
Matt came to TTC suffering from some very common trading mistakes.

1 – Strategy
2 – Risk Management
3 – Trading Psychology

But, after a lot of hard work on his part and implementing what he learned here at TTC
Matt not only became a comsistently profitable trader.

But, also started a YouTube following and teaches over 23,000 YT subscribers the art of becomeing profitable @ The Art Of Trading on YouTube.

Who Is The TTC Forex University For?

* First, let’s talk about who it is not for. This university is not for you if you are still in the “get rich quick” mindset and do not plan to put forth massive amounts of time, energy and effort into mastering the skill of trading…

* However… This university is absolutely for you if you are a complete beginner or a trader that has been struggling for any amount of time.

This university is also absolutely for you if you are willing to put in the hard work it takes to master the skill of trading and become a Forex Trading Badass!

So, Right Now You Have Two Choices…


You can keep going down the black hole of YouTube video searches and FAKE Instagram Gurus. While trying to piece together content in the correct order like trying to put together a 5,000 piece puzzel together with a blind fold on…


Or, you can learn step by step the same exact skills, techniques and strategies that allowed me to quit my job roofing houses at 23 and start trading full-time.

The same skills that helped me pay off my mom’s house when I was 25.

And, the same skills that helped Matt become a badass profitable trader and trading influencer…

Thanks for spending a little time with me today and I am excited to start working with you!

See you on the inside of the TTC Forex University.

Your Honest Trading Coach,

TTC Forex University By Steven, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1 Basics Mastery Course
  • 2 Trading Psychology Mastery
  • 3 Technical Analysis Mastery
  • 4 Strategy Mastery Course
  • 5 Backtesting Mastery
  • 6 Risk Management Mastery
  • 6 Trading Plan Mastery
  • 7 The Strategy Vault
  • 8 Discretionary Trading
  • 9 Best Setups Of The Week
  • #7100 – ‘TTC University’ –
  • 1-Course Intro (must watch this first)- TTC University
  • 2-Introduction TTC University
  • 3-Disclaimer & Course Walkthrough