PLFCrypto – US30 Bootcamp
  • PLFCrypto – US30 Bootcamp

PLFCrypto – US30 Bootcamp

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PLFCrypto – US30 Bootcamp

PLFCrypto – US30 Bootcamp

About Course

Are you prepared to elevate your trading skills and dominate the US30 market like never before? Look no further than our US30 Bootcamp Training, the ultimate program crafted to empower you with the expertise and tools essential for success with US30!

Course curriculum


  • US30 The Intro
  • Understanding Price Action On Us30


  • Discovering Your Trading Style
  • Swing Trading Us30
  • Day Trading US30
  • Scalping US30
  • Key Levels
  • Identifying Key Levels with US30
  • US30 Power 3
  • The “Break & Wait”

Account Building & Prop Firms

  • How To Pass Any Prop

Key Times to Trade US30

  • One Set Up Per Day
  • 4 Setups Per Day

Trading The News

  • How To Trade the News

Let’s Pick the Chart Apart

  • Disect The Chart with Me
  • The Weekly Candle

Bootcamp Bonuses

  • Edit & Use My Spreadsheet for Profit & Losses
  • Lot Sizes & Risk Management
  • Steal My Mentorship Trading Plan